76 Year-Old Professor Attends Tryout for Santa Cruz Warriors

By Renae Juska
Dan Coyro- Oakland Tribune

Trying out for the NBA is probably on a lot of athletes bucket lists, but how old is too old to make the big move and go to a tryout? Apparently there is no age limit because 76 year-old Don Wiberg tried out for the Santa Cruz Warriors this past weekend.

The Warriors are a D-League affiliate for the Golden State Warriors that recently relocated to Santa Cruz from North Dakota. Previously, the team was known as the Dakota Wizards.The D-League may be low in the NBA but it provides the opportunity for almost anyone to attend a tryout.


In order to attend the open-tryout, all you needed was to be 18 and able to afford the $100-125 entry fee. 68 people showed up at Aptos High School in California to tryout for the Warriors training camp. Part of the proceeds from the entry fee were donated to Aptos High, as well as Santa Cruz City Schools.

Wiberg didn’t even make his high school basketball team, but he did play for one year at Cal Tech before he decided he was better at water polo. He hadn’t even stepped on a court for 20 years when he decided he’d tryout for the Warriors, however he did remain active by playing beach volleyball. The 76 year old is currently a professor of engineering at UC Santa Cruz.

When Wiberg saw the opportunity, he took the chance. He said at the age of 76, it was the one last thing on his bucket list that he needed to accomplish. In the interview with Wiberg, he says, “I can’t say that I can run, jump, or shoot, because I can’t. But for a guy that can’t run, jump or shoot, I’m a decent passer.” So basically he doesn’t have any of the skills to actually play for the team.

With limited ability (and his age), it’s extremely unlikely that Wiberg will even make the training camp. Give the credit to him though, being able to just show up at a basketball tryout at the age of 76 is pretty notable.

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