Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Shushes Critics After Sunday Night Football Win Over Texans

By Riley Schmitt

A lot of people were panicking about the Green Bay Packers and their slow start to the 2012-13 season.  Quarterback Aaron Rodgers was not one of those guys.  On Sunday night, he unleashed one of the best performances in football history.  Rodgers threw six touchdown passes and had a pretty hilarious message for his critics after the game.

This is what makes Rodgers such a popular guy.  If you are going to be a superstar athlete, you need to have a bit of arrogance.  This reminds me of what he said after first game last season.  If you recall, people were questioning why he did not have workouts with the offense during the lockout.  In that game, the offense rolled and Rodgers made a point to make fun of the people asking about the lack of workouts.

This is something similar to that.  Rodgers was on top of his game and I can this was the best game that he has played.  He was poised and made a lot of good reads.  Early in the season, he was just slightly off.  Tonight, he was on point with almost everything he threw.  That is why he won the MVP award last season.

Before people start complaining, there would be some players that would not be able to do this without the media jumping down their throats.  In fact, I would expect Chicago Bears fans to instantly pull the “how would everyone react if Jay Cutler did this” card.  If you go out and throw six touchdowns, I think you can have a bit of fun with the media after the game.


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