Brian Wilson Plays Along With Organ On A Teammate's Hat

By Riley Schmitt

Brian Wilson is certainly a goofy dude.  The San Francisco Giants pitcher is currently out for the year but he does hang out in the dugout during games.  During their game on Monday night, he decided to have some fun as he played along with the organ.  To help this thing go along, he used the hat of a teammate.

There are a lot of things that can be taken away from this video.  First off, Wilson seems to be able to keep up with the organ pretty well.  He must know that song or something.  Secondly, why on earth are his fingernails painted?  I realize the dude is a little bit out there but that seems like something that would not happen in a baseball clubhouse.

Personally, I find Wilson to be a bit on the grating side.  Others seem to think of him as some hilarious guy but it is clear that is simply trying to be funny.  The harder you try, the worse off you look.  Wilson falls into that category, at least in my mind.  He might be a real funny dude but everything looks painful.

It looks like everything is going great for the Giants, which makes this a little bit more tolerable.  If this was coming during a game the Giants were struggling in, I would definitely have an issue with it.  However, he is just having fun so I think I can let this slide.

I wonder what he has cooked up for the rest of the playoffs.


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