McDonald's Michael Jordan Barbecue Sauce Available for $10,000

By Renae Juska
Yahoo! Sports

There’s a new and rare Michael Jordan collectible available on eBay for $10,000 but it’s not something that he wore, signed, or even created. So what could this collectible possibly be? It’s a giant tub of “McJordan” barbecue sauce from McDonald’s.

The McJordan barbeque sauce was once used on the “McJordan Burger,” which was served over two decades ago. It was a short-lived special in 1992 that McDonald’s was serving when the corporation endorsed Jordan.

The burger was popular in the Chicagoland but available to a limited market elsewhere.  It consisted of pretty typical ingredients: a quarter pound of meat, cheese, bacon, onion, pickles and of course, the McJordan barbeque sauce. So basically, it wasn’t anything too special to begin with and that’s why it was short-lived.

But somehow, someone managed to grab an entire, unopened gallon of the “special” sauce before it went off the market. And apparently they now want $10,000 for the collectible.

Here’s the big kick on the McJordan barbeque sauce, the ingredients listed on the tub on the eBay site are the exact same ingredients that are listed in McDonald’s barbeque sauce that is used today.  Yes, that’s right, the only difference between the McJordan sauce and sauce today is that the label says “McJordan” on it.

Sure, it is a one-of-a-kind item but who is going to pay $10,000 for barbeque sauce that is 20 years old? I’m not really sure. Better yet, that eBay ad says the item is returnable for 14 days, which makes the situation even more sketchy and bizarre than it already is.

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