Nicolas Richotti Hits Ridiculous One Handed Half Court Buzzer Beater

Basketball is back again and the NBA is just right around the corner.   However, our highlight for today comes from across the pond.  Nicolas Richotti is playing in Spain and he decided to make the most insane half court buzzer beater that I have ever seen.

Yeah, you will not see many plays better than this all season.  It does not matter the league, this is one of the sickest buzzer beaters that you will ever see.  It is a total desperation shot, but he gets enough on it to make it.  Just imagine taking a shot like that.  He has to lean way out to get clearance just to have a shot attempt.

The fact that he was able to get enough on that throw while going sideways is insane.  The accuracy needed on a play like that is also insane.  Basically, there is nothing sane about this play.  If you make a shot like this, you might as well quit because you are not topping that moment.

I think the best part of the video is Richotti’s reaction to it.  He does not go wild (probably smart since it was the first quarter) but he instead acts like he does this every day.  If he does end up doing this every day, we might need to have cameras on him at all times.

Right now, this is play number one in the way too early basketball plays countdown.  There will be plays that give it a run but this might be too tough to beat.

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