Youth Football Coach Dion Robinson Assaults Referee Andrew Keigans

By Riley Schmitt

Something tells me the youth coaching career of Dion Robinson might be over after this incident. He is an assistant coach for a youth team in South Florida and was not happy during a recent game, where he ended up running onto the field after Andrew Keigans called him for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The running lead to a forfeit, which led to something much worse.

So yeah, that is not a good look for Robinson. You are coaching a youth football game and you decide to attack a referee–that is certainly setting an example for the kids. I do wish that we could focus on the game but nope, we have to have a coach who completely overreacts.

I understand being extremely competitive, but this is taking it too far. This is simply an example of a guy who might need to step away from the game.  He certainly should not be coaching any more youth football games. He is setting a horrible example for the kids on his team. They would hopefully be smart enough to not attack a ref, but you never know.

I would imagine that there would probably be some charges filed after this mess and I would not be surprised if Robinson does not coach again. The league certainly will not let him coach anymore. If you are going to attack a ref, you should not be allowed to coach. It is as simple as that.

That is why Dion Robinson is going to be my nominee for worst coach in the world.

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