Davenport Mascot Proposes at Midnight Madness

By Renae Juska

We’v e seen the crazy outfits that all the coaches wear during NCAA Midnight Madness but an assistant coach from Davenport University in Caledonia, Michigan has taken it to a whole new level. Not only did Craig Heatherly dress up as the schools mascot, a bright red panther, he also proposed to his girlfriend.

Heatherly performed the proposal at halftime of the schools Midnight Madness celebration to kick-off the start of the men’s and women’s basketball teams. He went out on the floor dressed as the school mascot, Pounce the Panther as he had a dance battle with his girlfriend Linaya Hass.


Hass is the dance coach at Davenport University so it was fairly easy for Heatherly to perform the stunt during halftime. Hass thought she was having a dance-off with the school’s normal mascot, but little did she know it was her boyfriend the entire time.

Heatherly acted like he got hurt and couldn’t stand up as he knelt down to one knee. Hass tried to help him up, but he just stayed down until the announcer asked him what was wrong. He took off the mascot head and proposed right then and there.

The newly engaged couple was immediately attacked by the basketball players and dance team as they celebrated in excitement. You can tell Hass was in complete shock the entire time, she had no idea it was him or that he was going to propose. He even made sure that there were family and friends in the crowd to witness the proposal.

I didn’t think anything could top Tom Izzo’s stunt by zip-lining into the arena dressed as Iron Man, but Heatherly might have just passed him up. Okay, well maybe it wasn’t the most adventurous stunt Midnight Madness has seen but it was probably the most surprising and cute one that has occurred.

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