Warren Sapp Talks New Book And TV Show With Shira Lazar

By Riley Schmitt

Warren Sapp has been a busy guy over the last few months. The former NFL star is coming out with a new book, and he also has his own TV show. He talked about all of this stuff with Shira Lazar on “What’s Trending.”


The book part of this will probably be interesting. For whatever reason, I am a sucker for sports books. If you had me a book about a former athlete, chances are that I will end up reading it. By reading it, I mean read it obsessively until I have the entire thing almost memorized.

The new TV show is what really intrigues me.  We even got to see some of Sapp’s TV work in action on the show. I would probably not go out of my way to watch Sapp mediate disputes, but the little sample on the show worked well enough for me. I guess the dude does need the money, so props to him for trying something new in order to get it.

Throw these two things in with his odd involvement in the football bounty scandal, it has been quite the 2012 for Sapp. I guess you can throw in some bankruptcy stuff too but that just tends to kill whatever mood has been constructed.  It might just be an internet show but it does a good job of detailing what has been going on with Sapp.

We might need to get more athletes on this. That would certainly make me tune into “What’s Trending” every day.


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