Heat Star LeBron James Has Added A Sky Hook

By Riley Schmitt

LeBron James is by far the most dominant player in the NBA right now.  You may not like the Miami Heat star, but you have to respect how good his game is.  Like all of the greats, he is not happy with his game as it stands.  He has been looking to add something to make it more complete.  Enter the sky hook.


I’ll go out on a limb and say this is bad news for everyone else in basketball.  LeBron has done a great job of adding a post game and actually using it.  You can say you worked on a post game until the cows come home, but until you actually use it, it’s all talk.  He dominated the playoffs once he started working from the elbow in.  You can not stop him in the post.  He’s just too big.

I can safely say that we will never see a guy like LeBron for a while.  There will be people that are close to him but he is the perfect blend of speed, strength, and skill.  It is almost unfair how much better he has gotten every year.  A man that big should not have all these other talents.

I can not wait for the first time he uses this shot in a game.  I am a sucker for good post play, which is how he won me over in the first place.  I was an ardent LeBron basher, but you have to respect him.  He’s just too good to dislike for no reason.


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