Jeremy Evans Absolutely Dominates Ronny Turiaf

By Riley Schmitt

Jeremy Evans is a dunking machine. In fact, he is probably a top five dunker in the entire NBA. He seems to be in regular season form as he basically ended the life of Ronny Turiaf on an amazing poster dunk. Seriously, this dunk could be considered a crime.

See, there is more to this than just the dunk.  Watch the previous play.  Turiaf tries a jumper and Evans was just not having any of it.  He tried to get back and make a good play on Evans, but Evans can literally jump out of the gym.  Turiaf tried his best but sometimes you have to lick your wounds and move on.

This is the clubhouse leader for dunk of the year right now.  Evans looked like he was floating in midair.  He hung up there so long that Turiaf had no chance to block that shot.  I applaud him for trying but maybe he should just stay on the ground.  He is not known as a guy who plays above the rim anyways.

You will see this play on highlight shows everywhere for the next few days.  It is an amazing play and it has a bunch of cool parts to it.  Normally a poster dunk is just that.  Factor in the pure hustle that Evans shows during this play and it becomes a really great thing.  Turiaf should probably never watch this video by the way.  It is kind of embarrassing.

Props to Evans.  Makes me want the regular season even more.

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