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Rant My Life: Top 5 #RML Tweets From the Weekend in Football

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Weekly Dallas Cowboys Tweet


Just about every weekend I see a #RML tweet referencing the Dallas Cowboys. Most of the fans are trolls, but some of them are like our writers here at Rant, where even a win doesn't bring them all that much gratification, because they know they still have no shot at winning a Super Bowl with Jerry Jones running the show. This is Cowboys writer and Director of Content Jeric Griffin taking a shot at head coach Jason Garrett. Oh, and he wasn't finished with this tweet, either.

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What is #RML Without a 50 Shades of Gray Reference?


Here is Rant Sports NFC Network Manager Michael Collins being quite upset with the play calling down there in Georgia. The Atlanta Falcons nearly lost to the lowly Oakland Raiders at home, so I imagine he had more than this to say throughout the day. Of course Mike Mularkey is no longer the offensive coordinator, but no reason he can't reference the man to draw a few laughs. It worked for me.

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Injury Update Fail


Here is someone who failed to check the injury report before setting his lineup. That is fantasy football 101 right there. Learn from his mistakes people. Of course, he looks like he's in college and probably suffered from what I did during that time. There were many a Saturday night that led to errors on Sunday mornings, if I even woke up before the games started. Beer Pong is not a friend to fantasy football players.

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You Knew It Was Bound to Happen at Some Point

Aaron Rodgers

You knew it would happen. You knew at some point Aaron Rodgers was going to break out of this mini-slump he was in, if you could even call it that. He did that and then some against the Houston Texans this weekend, and this guy looks like he saw it coming. Though, it's hard to feel for the guy when Jordy Nelson scored three touchdowns.

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On the Edge of His Seat


Depending on the scoring in this guy's league, he may have barely escaped with a win. He was probably one of many players who benefited from Eric Decker getting tackled by the 40-yard line. Unfortunately, I still lost my matchup despite Decker missing out on 10 points. If he is in a standard ppr league, Decker scored 21.8 points. Talk about your close calls. But it sounds like this guy has had some rough luck in prior weeks, of which I can totally relate.

Welcome back to another edition of Rant My Life, where we take a look at the best #RML tweets from the weekend. In case you have not heard, #RML is a platform for you to complain about anything in sports. It is similar to FML, but just moved into the sports world. It mostly centers around fantasy football because, let’s be honest, we can all find something to complain about each week in fantasy football.

I had so much to #RML about this weekend I can’t even get it all out in this post. On one of my fantasy teams, I benched both Vincent Jackson and Josh Gordon in favor of Antonio Brown. The move ended up costing me my matchup. The worse part was I was ahead of my opponent by 60 before Monday Night Football. He had Peyton Manning, Eric Decker, Ryan Matthews and the Denver Broncos defense.

Thank you, Philip Rivers, for one of the worse displays of quarterback play I’ve ever seen in my life. He had six turnovers—five in the second half—and two were returned for touchdowns. The Denver defense scored 25 points, which is unheard of for a defense.

But Rant My Life is not only about fantasy football. It is very versatile. You could also #RML when your favorite team loses a big game or is blown out by their rival. In the case of one of my friends, he should have been using this hashtag all weekend.

Not only was his birthday on Sunday, but his favorite teams are the Texas Longhorns, San Francisco 49ers and Houston Texans. Every single one of his favorite football teams were destroyed in their games. It could not have been a worse weekend for him, and it was his birthday to boot.

He wasn’t the only one who had it rough though. Let’s take a look at the top 5 #RML Tweets from this weekend.