Plaxico Burress: Maturity Does Not Always Come With Age

By Jeff Everette
Plaxico Burress
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE


An old maxim states “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop,” and with so many of the NFL’s most famous diva wide receivers watching the game from the couch this season, it comes as no surprise to hear about one of them having issues with the powers that be.

It was hard enough for Plaxico Burress to behave responsibly when he was on an NFL roster, and now it seems he is bringing his irresponsible tendencies to a road near you.  According to the Broward County Sheriff’s Department, Burress was given a $1,000 citation for going 50 miles an hour over the speed limit.

On a motorcycle.

Now Burress has never been accused of being the smartest guy on the block, but this has to be one of the most idiotic things he has ever done.  No one was hurt and he wasn’t arrested, but going 50 over on a bike is just asking for the good Lord to take you home.  Even if he was in a 25 mile an hour zone, it means he would have been going 75, and such a low posted speed would indicate a suburb side street, or some other populated road.  This illustrates how fast he had to be going to get this ticket, and speeds of this sort guarantee catastrophic results should he lose control, get hit, or otherwise put his bike on the ground.

Maybe Burress was channeling his inner Jax Teller and was riding to Charming to join the Sons of Anarchy.  Or, he may have been running from IRS agents looking to retrieve the $100,000 he owes in federal income tax.  Maybe he is just so ignorant he never realized the danger he was putting himself in, which means he never even gave a thought to the innocent people he was flying past.

Whatever his motivation, this latest incident likely closes the door on any chance Burress had of joining an NFL team, now and in the future.  Who wants a guy who is so ridiculously foolish?

The guy isn’t even clear of the New York Department of Corrections yet, as he is still on parole for the gun conviction that derailed his NFL career, and landed him in prison for nearly two years.

To be so blatantly disrespectful, and reckless, at the age of 35 proves that maturity does not always come with age.  Honestly though, should we really expect anything less from a guy who went to prison for shooting himself in the leg?

Yeah, probably not.

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