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15 Crazy October Photos from the NFL, MLB, and more

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15 Random October Photos for Your Enjoyment

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

The month of October is probably the best month in all of sports for America. The NFL is in full swing, MLB playoffs are going on, preseason basketball, NASCAR, even a little golf. There's not much October doesn't have.

Over the years I've noticed the swing in popularity go from baseball to football. October baseball seems like it used to be a much bigger deal. Is it because football is that much better now? Or has baseball fallen off a bit? I think it's a little from column A and B.

I will say that I think postseason baseball is clearly much better when your team is involved, but as a Chicago Cubs fan, that opportunity doesn't come around every year. Regardless having your favorite team in any big game makes that game better. Baseball is trying to expand their postseason which is a good thing, the more eyes they can get on the game, the better.

So with all the action going on in October, I decided to scour through the current images section of the US Presswire to try and find some great October moments that will be frozen in time.

Now this crop isn't exactly a serious bunch. There are some shots from big games, but I was mainly just trying to pick the photos with the most entertainment value, while including some smart aleck comments at the same time.

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Ike Taylor Throwin' a Desperation Punch?

Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Not exactly sure what Taylor is doing in this shot, he's desperately trying to do something to Chris Johnson, but I'm not sure what. I think the whole Pittsburgh Steelers team didn't quite know what they were doing on this Thursday night in October though...

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Rocket Man? Nope...

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

This is Houston Rockets center Omer Asik attempting to get a rebound, while Tony Parker creepily stands beside him. My favorite part is his hair, and just overall dumbfounded expression. I wonder who got the the ball? Oh wait, it's preseason basketball, no one cares.

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James Wilder With a Good Old Fashioned Pylon Dive

Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

This picture caught my eye for just being a good clean football photo. It's just a guy out there trying to make a play on a Saturday in October. He's fully extended and all in on the play. Wilder is having a great season, scoring six touchdowns on the ground and two by air so far.

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The Ref in the Background Makes this Picture

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Norv Turner is not happy about something, and the ref in the background of this picture does not care. In fact he's likely thinking 'shut the hell up' in his head.

Turner is just something else. Photogenic is not a word I would use to describe him, that's for sure, but during the second half of MNF on October 15th, Turner didn't have much to smile about.

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That's Gonna Leave a Mark

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

USF quarterback B.J. Daniels did not feel good the day after this hit took place. I'm not sure what would hurt worse, your spine being driven in the wrong direction, or your helmet being pulled backwards off your head?

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1990 Called, and I'm Okay With It


Kentucky Wildcats forward Nerlens Noel is bringing back the flat top, and not just any flat top, the straight out of 1990 flat top. He looks like he could star in House Party 7. However I do like the look, and wish more basketball players would bring back hair styles from the 90's.

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Giant Celebration! (lame headline used around the U.S.)


Bud Selig is not a fan of alcohol celebrations in MLB anymore. I say screw that, as I'm sure most of the players do. Alcohol celebrations are part of baseball, and the San Francisco Giants are classin' it up here. Is that a Busch Light and Coors Light?

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Did Somebody Fart?

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

It looks as if Chris Duhon is covering his nose, and Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant are laughing pretty hard. Seems like somebody farted to me, or there was a moment where someone said something they shouldn't have. Either way it's a funny photo.

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Bobby Labonte Gets his Keester Roasted


Labonte's No. 47 car recently caught fire at the Good Sam Roadside Assistance 500 at Talladega Superspeedway on October 7th. I don't care if you like NASCAR or not, these guys look death in the face everytime they take the track. It's the chance they take to do something they love.

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Andy Dalton Making the 'Most Annoying Sound in the World' Face


CB Sean Smith has put Dalton in a very precarious position in this shot. It seems to be after a quarterback slide, and Dalton is just bracing for impact. I couldn't help but think he looked like Jim Carrey making the most annoying sound in the world in Dumb and Dumber.

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Awkward Yanks

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

New York Yankees pitcher David Robertson and first baseman Mark Teixeira tried to make a play here but came up short. Boy do they look desperate. This picture is awkward, but very humorous, especially if you don't like the Yankees.

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This is what America Does

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

This gentleman is most certainly winning, at what I'm not sure though. There's a lot going on with this guy: Bud Light aluminum bottle, sweet tattoos, and even a spray painted WWE title belt. That's a page out of Hollywood Hogan's book brother.

You probably want to steer clear of this guy if the Green Bay Packers lose though...

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Alcohol Abuse (in the 'spilling alcohol' kind of way)

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

The first baseball celebration photo was just a warm up for this one. The St. Louis Cardinals are doing it up right after another comeback win. This high def photo caught a great view of all the booze flying through the air. You'd fling alcohol around to if you pulled off as many playoff comeback wins as the Cardinals have the past two years.

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Bruce Kluckhohn-US PRESSWIRE

Antonio Silva knocks out Travis Browne in this UFC still shot. Regardless if you like watching fights, you have to admit this is an interesting photo. The distortion in Browne's face is extreme.

I enjoy watching UFC pay-per-views from time to time, because I think it's just good old fashioned entertainment. Put two guys in a cage, and let's see who comes out on top? Simple, yet it never gets old.

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Steve Nash Auditioning for Rain Man II

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

Wow I hate to make fun of Steve Nash, but this photo caught him at the wrong time. The clapping of hands, his mouth slightly open, and that new hair cut all equaled a very funny shot. It is what it is.

The Los Angeles Lakers however will be no laughing matter this season. With Nash running the show, the sky is the limit. He's basically been put in an all-star lineup. He'll have three different top-tier NBA players he can dish to at most times this year. I can't wait to watch the countless highlight reel plays.

We can only hope they don't get some stupid nickname like Lob City.