Brian Wilson Plays The Drums On The Heads Of Two Teammates

By Riley Schmitt

Brian Wilson is back again with some more crazy antics. The San Francisco Giants pitcher is not playing in the postseason but he does enjoy some musical instruments. Thanks to the heads of two willing teammates, Wilson decided to play the drums during the Game 6 victory on Sunday night.

The last time we saw Wilson, he was playing the organ during a lighter moment of the game.  I would probably not want to hang out with the guy but he must end up being a good clubhouse guy.  There are some teams that simply would not deal with something like this but the Giants apparently enjoy his odd antics.

A lot of people have issues with Wilson and I can see why.  Everything with him seems so forced.  It does not seem like anything is just off the cuff with him.  If you end up trying to be cool, it just works out poorly for you.  That is why I have an issue with Wilson.  If you keep doing this stuff on purpose, it just makes you look bad.  Then again, I’m ranting for no reason again.

If the Giants manage to make it to the World Series, I have the feeling that we will see more moments like this.  The camera tends to focus on him during games because he always tries to do stuff like this.  Hopefully he branches out to a new instrument.  It might be hard to expand on this but you know that Wilson is going to try.


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