Lil Wayne Gives Odd Rendition Of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"

By Riley Schmitt

Lil Wayne is a guy who is best known for his rapping. As a rap fan, I can say that he has fallen off a bit since his peak but he still draws a ton of attention. Weezy was in San Francisco and sang Take Me Out To The Ball Game for Game 6 of the NLCS. Kind of odd to hear that.

Not to sound like I’m too out of touch, but Lil Wayne is not a guy who would probably attract most of the MLB‘s target audience.  I would wager that a decent amount of people would have no idea who he actually is.  It did not help matters that the song was so odd.

He is a friend of some of the guys on the San Francisco Giants which makes sense for why he would be singing at the game.  However, he is not a guy who is known for his singing.  Plus, he tends to give really odd performances when he’s in public.  I just think back to the interviews that he gives during all-star weekends and it makes me laugh that someone would have him do this.

If you end up singing one of these songs, you do not want people to talk about your performance.  If people are talking about you, it is not for a good reason.  In this instance, it was not the worst performance that I ever listened to but it is up there.  Maybe we shouldn’t have rappers try to sing songs like this.

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