Thomas Robinson Dunks All Over Dwight Howard

By Riley Schmitt
Image courtesy of Twitter (@jose3030)


Dwight Howard has been getting all the attention on Sunday, but Thomas Robinson decided he wanted to make a highlight of his own. The Sacramento Kings rookie decided that Howard needed to be put on a poster. It was not a traditional poster dunk but I do think that Dwight will remember to box out after this play.

I think Robinson is going to have a great career.  He was one heck of a rebounder in college and that is always a skill that translates well into the pros.  Hard work and effort will certainly make Robinson a good player in the league.  I think that he might end up having the best rookie season out of all the players.

His offense might take a little bit of time to come around but he is going to make an impact on defense and on the glass.  I am really excited to watch him and DeMarcus Cousins dominate the front court.  The two might get every rebound that is available and that is not an exaggeration.

So outside of this play, Howard has had a pretty good start to his Los Angeles Lakers career.  He has fit in perfectly with the offense and he is going to have plenty of chances to put up points.  However, he is going to have to remember to do the little things.  This play ends up not happening if Howard just remembers to put a body on Robinson.  Luckily for us and Robinson, he decided to give us a poster instead.


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