San Francisco Area Students Have Real Life "Fantasy Sex League"

By Ben Grimaldi
Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

Admit it, a bunch of years ago when someone told you about a “fantasy league” this may have been the direction your mind first went to. However, parents in Alameda County, California are now faced with the reality that their children have been involved in a “fantasy slut league” for the past six years.

According to the LA Times the group of male students drafted females and earned points by doing sexual acts with them. Apparently the students were taking the rules of fantasy sports as a guide for their game; there was no word if there was any financial gain for the winners.

The principal of Piedmont High School, Richard Kitchens, sent a letter to parents last week informing them of the existence of the league.

I am a fantasy football player and I love playing the game with friends and family but that’s all it is, a game. What these students were doing takes the term “fantasy” way too far and I feel bad for the parents of the participants and worse for the females who unknowingly were a part of the league. Think about the horror these young ladies may feel thinking a boy really liked them, only to find out it was just part of a childish game?

Fantasy sports is a multi-billion dollar industry and chances are you or someone you know plays in some type of league and most people understand it’s all in good fun. This type of behavior is definitely not what anyone had in mind when they started playing in a fantasy league and it casts a negative light onto something that should be fun for all those who play.

Perhaps the boys thought they were clever but I hope they realize how cruel their actions truly were.

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