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Top 10 Sports Movies of the 2000′s

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Top 10 Movies of the 2000's


The 90’s sports movies were pretty good but once the 2000’s hit, of course they got even better. In the first decade of the 21st century, more and more sports movies became more realistic and we saw a lot of true stories being made into successful movies.

Many movies from the 21st century don’t end up with a winning season, rather they focused on the struggles that teams and communities went through to gain support and become successful. Success of a team doesn’t require a state or national championship but focuses on bonding and improvement.

It was hard to choose a Top 10 list for the 2000’s, but this time around, most of them were based off of true stories. Although not all the facts in the movies were 100% accurate, their basic storylines were.

There are a few that didn’t make the cut, but still deserve an honorable mention: We Are Marshall (2006), The Rookie (2002), and Glory Road (2006). These were all based off of true stories but just barely missed my top 10.

More along the fictional comedic and dramatic ones from the 21st century that didn’t make the top 10 but were very popular include: Talladega Nights (2006), The Benchwarmers (2005), Love and Basketball (2000), and Bring It On (2000). These were all a little too dramatic and unrealistic to be considered top movies for me.

Once again, the list is comprised of the movies that people can watch over and over again. Most are based off of true stories will never die; their stories will live on and be told forever among sports fans. Some of them will probably even be remade in the future to make sure their stories live on for generations.

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10. Sea Biscuit (2003)


Although it’s not one of my favorites and I’m not a fan of horse racing, the story was an inspiring one. Sea Biscuit was an undersized horse that unexpectedly became a champion. He was a symbol of courage and hope for Americans during the Great Depression.

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9. Murderball (2005)


Documentary of wheelchair rugby for quadriplegics. It shows how brutal and physical the sport can be even though they are physically handicapped. In particular it shows the rivalry between the United States and Canada.

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8. Cinderella Man (2005)


Based on a true store, James Braddock is a former boxer that loses everything when the stock market crashes and causes the Great Depression. His family struggles to survive but his former manager offers him the chance to return to boxing.

In the end, Braddock was the underdog to match up with Max Baer, who had killed two men previously in the ring. Braddock was predicted to be number three on Baer’s kill list but he stepped up his game to become the champion.

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7. Friday Night Lights (2004)


True story of the Permian Panthers and the road to the 1988 Texas State semifinals. The town was racially divided in an economic downfall but Friday Night Football is what the state of Texas lives for.

Their all-star tailback suffers a career-ending injury in the first game and hope is lost for the team. The team gets into the playoff by Texas’ tie-breaker rule, a coin flip. They do not win in the end but come over more success and accomplishment than anyone imagined.

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6. Radio (2003)


Inspired by a true story, coach Harold Jones (T.L. Hanna High School) takes mentally handicapped student, James Robert “Radio” Kennedy under his wings. Radio got his nickname because he was fascinated by radios and always had one by his side.

He became fascinated with the football team and began watching them at practice and coach Jones invites him to help out. Radio eventually starts going to school and learns to read but gets bullied in numerous circumstances. In the end he finally gets the support of others and becomes the oldest kid to graduate from 11th grade at Hanna High.

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5. Million Dollar Baby (2004)


31 year-old Maggie Fitzgerald lives with a dysfunctional family and wants to make a difference to standout so she decides to become a boxer. She finds an experienced trainer and has unbelievable achievement.

The two develop a father-daughter type of relationship. She ends up in the championship fight but takes a turn for the worse after suffering a spinal neck injury.

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4. Miracle (2004)


True story of the Men’s USA Hockey team’s run at gold in 1980. In the middle of the cold war, the USA has a team of amateurs but pulled off one of the biggest upsets in sports history against the Soviet Union.

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3. The Blind Side (2009)


Based off of the real events of NFL offensive lineman, Michael Oher throughout his life. Oher goes from living on the streets with no education to becoming a member of a wealthy family.

He plays for the school’s football team but struggles to make it into the NCAA because of the grades. Thanks to the loving family that took him in, he gets the tutoring he needs and ultimately makes it all the way to the NFL.

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2. Coach Carter (2005)


The true story of Coach Ken Carter when he makes a bold move to bench his entire team (Richmond Oilers) after they begin failing their classes. Carter also learns the kids are rude and disrespectful to the staff.

Just as the team is getting good, they break the rules and and Carter puts them under lockdown until they behave and raise their grades. Carter shows them that they need the respect and motivation to play. The team overcomes more than anyone expected even though the do not win the big title in the end.

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1. Remember The Titans (2000)


Based off of true events during 1971 in Virginia. Two high schools are brought together after segregation laws were lifted. Tensions escalated when the schools are forced to play on one team and African American Herman Boone was named as head coach.

The team goes through the racial struggles, injuries and has little support from the community at the beginning due to the previous segregation. In the end, the Titans finally gain acceptance and support as they win the Championship title.