Zimbabwe Soccer Referee Isaac Mbofana Beaten To Death During Match

By Riley Schmitt
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

I guess soccer fans really are a different breed. Isaac Mbofana was a referee in Zimbabwe and he made a call that some people did not agree with. Instead of just booing the man, someone decided to run onto the pitch and beat him to death with a log. Stupid, stupid people.

Mr Mbofana had been running the line as an assistant referee when he ruled a goal was disallowed during the social match on a primary school playing field, according to Zimbabwe’s Chronicle newspaper.

So where do we even begin with something like this? Some calls in soccer are judgment calls. Mbofana made the call that he thought was right, but I guess some people thought it was wrong. That ended up leading to this.

The alleged attacker, Onismo Sichani, 31, fled the scene following the attack, and is being sought by police. He was allegedly part of a group of fans who became angry with the offsides call and rushed the field. Sichani, said the report, allegedly picked up part of a tree trunk and attacked the linesman.

I have been upset with refs in my days as a sports fan but I would never think about actually trying to kill somebody. If you get upset at a bad call, there is no reason to escalate things to a physical level. There are a lot of issues if you think it is okay to charge the field and beat a guy to death with a log.

I guess this is just another example of fans who go too far.

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