Chicago Cubs Deny Season Ticket Holders That Resell Tickets

By Renae Juska

As if the Chicago Cubs attendance hasn’t been low enough the past few seasons, they have now revoked tickets from 45 season ticket holders. So what’s their reason? The season ticket holders were “excessively reselling” their season tickets on sites such as StubHub.

First of all, people don’t want to go watch a team that is going to lose 100 games; either way, your attendance is not going to improve at this point in time. So what is taking 45 sets of season tickets away going to do? They’re going to go to the next 45 people on the list and odds are they will not attend every game of the season.

I understand the waiting list for Wrigley Season tickets is very long (I’m currently 105,643rd and have been on it for 5 years now) but I’d be interested to find out how many games each season ticket holder goes to.

Second of all, who in the world did all the research to find out who was excessively selling season tickets? It makes me wonder how much they are paying someone to investigate people on secondary ticket sites. Couldn’t that money be used towards something else considering the team has been in decline?

So basically, they are saying their trying to target scalpers, even though their letters to the season ticket holders did not use the exact term. However for those that live in the Chicago area, they can just go to the stadium the day of a game and make a few bucks off their tickets. So are they going to start stalking people around the stadium too?

Although I understand they don’t like the re-selling issue, I think an automatic revocation is a little bit dramatic, especially for a team that is in such bad condition at this point in time.

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