Did Stephen A. Smith Use The N Word On First Take?

By Riley Schmitt

Stephen A. Smith is one of the staples on First Take. He has to debate Skip Bayless day after day, which is probably enough to make anyone a little on edge. However, Smith may have slipped up too much on Thursday as it sounds like he may have dropped the N word on ESPN. Not a good look.


There is a decent chance that he did not use the word.  However, he talks so fast that it is very easy to make the mistake of hearing it.  It might be making something out of nothing, but Smith does put himself in this situation more than he should.  In fact, he had an incident like this last year.

We are waiting for ESPN to respond to this incident but they might not even bother.  It could have been a simple case of the public misunderstanding what was said but a lot of people are focusing on this.  This makes me believe that it was actually said.

When you are in the public eye, you have to be extremely careful about what you say.  Smith is one of the lightning rods for controversy on the network so this is going to get them more publicity that they do not need.  We will see if anything comes out of it.  If something does come out, it probably will not be good for the network.

I guess this means we might have to start watching First Take again to make sure stuff like this isn’t happening.

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