New Carol City High School Football Uniforms Are Spectacular

By Ryan Gaydos

If you love down-right ugly football uniforms, you are going to love these.

Carol City High School of Florida football unveiled its new uniforms that only rival the football uniforms that Atlantic High School unveiled to us about a month ago. These new uniforms for the Carol City Chiefs come in three different variations.

The jerseys come in black, orange and white with the numbers on the jersey in the shape of squares or blocks. The helmets are in the shape of a chief Native American head dress that sprawls over the top of the helmet to make the player look like he is wearing an actual Native American head dress. There is another part of the jersey that I think takes the cake and makes it the best part.

It’s the pants.

The pants have the logo enlarged across the entirety of the pants. The logo is a picture of an American Indian Chief and it covers the entire pants.

The color scheme, in general, is ugly making them look like the Cleveland Browns of high school football. However, if you are like me, this is something that just looks awesome. The uniqueness and the creativity of the uniform I think over matches how truly crazy the whole concept of putting the chief on the pants and the way the number lettering is.

If you thought Atlantic High School had the ugliest uniforms, these unis will definitely top those. Nonetheless, I think this a cool way to separate yourself from the rest of high school football.

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