Youth Football Coach Drops 7 Year-Old on His Head

By Renae Juska

Stephen Pierce was a 31 year-old youth football coach in Covington, Georgia when he disciplined a 7 year-old to quite the extent. Pierce picked up 7 year-old Jamarius Pitts by his ankles and then dropped him on the ground; Pitts landed on his head.

Although he was in his uniform and helmet, that’s no excuse to pick a kid up by his ankles, let alone drop him, especially on his head. Allegedly after he dropped him on his head, Pierce also kicked his head.

Pierce’s excuse was that Jamarius was “flipping people off and cursing at them.” The kids were just playing around, but apparently Pierce took it in offense. Why couldn’t Pierce just yell at Jamarius and tell him to stop? It seems to be unknown. Pierce did not even know Jamarius, he was a complete stranger.

After it happened, Jamarius ran to his mother and coach to tell them what had happened. His brother was even there to witness the incident when it happened, as well as many other kids that were playing in the park.

His mother immediately took him to the hospital to make sure he was okay. Not only a doctor, but also a chiropractor is now following him up. Although they don’t directly say what his injury was, the fact he needs a chiropractor proves that something got messed up.

Pierce eventually admitted to the incident and was charged with disorderly conduct. However, police are still investigating the incident and more charges may come in municipal court on December 5th. Jamarius’ family is also contemplating filing a civil suit against Pierce for the incident. If I was the family, I’d definitely take more action, in no way is it right for a stranger to pick up a child, let alone drop him and kick him.


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