Football Recruit Bladimir Barreto Breaks Arm And Leg While Trying To Jump Over Moving Car

By Riley Schmitt

If you ever try to jump a moving car, I question what is going on in your brain. Bladimir Barreto is a 19 year old who desperately wanted to play college football. However, he is a bit on the small side. In order to impress recruiters, he attempted to film himself jumping over a moving car. It went poorly.

Yeah, that looks like that hurt a lot.  I give the guy props for doing his best to get noticed but there had to be something safer to attempt.  This had almost no chance of working and we can see why.  He has heart but sometimes you just do not have the size to play in college.

A graduate of West Melbourne Christian Academy, Barreto two years ago played for the now defunct Brevard Grizzlies, an amateur football team in the Florida Football Alliance.

“He wanted to play football and move on, he’s just undersized. He’s a small guy that was blessed with speed,” said his former Grizzlies coach David Dye, who estimated Barreto to be about 5 feet, 5 inches tall.

I hope that Barreto makes a full recovery and that this does not have a negative impact on his life.  He won’t get to play college football but at least he lived after attempting this.  There was a chance that this could have ended up a lot worse for him.  He is really lucky that he is not dead after this.

Remember kids, never jump moving vehicles.  It just will not work.


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