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The 10 Hottest World Series WAGs

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The San Francisco Giants and Detroit Tigers aren’t only winners on the field, but they are also winners off the field, judging from their lovely WAGs

If you are unfamiliar with the term WAG, which I’m sure some of you are, it stands for “wives and girlfriends”. Why are we obsessed with WAGs? Well, it’s because most of us are men, and we enjoy beautiful ladies. I also enjoy a good WAGs list, because it’s interesting to see who outkicks their coverage.

Statistics, looks, and even money doesn’t stop certain players from getting a gorgeous lady to share their life with. Just ask Scott Podsednik if he thinks he deserves Lisa Dergan.

Anywho, here are the ten hottest World Series WAGs. Even though the talent pool was small (only two teams), we still have two hands worth of beautiful women.

The suspense of who is number one isn’t as exciting as most lists, but there are still some attractive women I had no idea about. For example, this is Amber Seyer-Zito. I had no idea Barry Zito had a gorgeous wife, but I guess it’s not all that surprising when you have good looks, can play the guitar, and have $126 million dollars at your disposal.

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Christy Downs (Darin Downs)

Tampa Bay Times

Darin Downs is nothing more than a long reliever, but that doesn't stop him from having an attractive wife, which is all that matters here!

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Erica May (Max Scherzer)


Max Scherzer is not a looker by any means - his eyes freak me the heck out - but maybe his wife Erica May is into that sort of thing. Good for you, Max.

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Kristen Posey (Buster Posey)

San Francisco Sentiel

Buster Posey's career has been a whirlwind in his three short years. He has won Rookie of the Year, a World Series, nearly lost his ankle, and now is likely going to be the NL MVP. Good thing he has a beautiful wife to come home to each night to clear his mind when he needs to.

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Windy Pagan (Angel Pagan)


I remember when I went to a Cubs-Sox game where Angel Pagan hit two jacks on his birthday, thinking to myself that I will never hear from this guy again. Pagan is the classic example of a late-bloomer. Oh, and his wife ain't bad either.

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Massiel Dotel (Octavio Dotel)

D-Dee Flickr

True story: Octavio Dotel is one of my favorite relievers. Hopefully for Massiel, Octavio doesn't get around as much as he does in the MLB

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Kristina Avila (Alex Avila)


After having an amazing 2011 season, Alex Avila struggled this season for the American League Champions. As we know, however, statistics don't keep players from having a hot WAG. Kristina (second from the left) is definitely a gorgeous girl.

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Jalynne Crawford (Brandon Crawford)

Jalynne Crawford (Brandon Crawford)

Ain't that cute?

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Savannah Swetland (Hunter Pence)


Apparently, Hunter Pence likes to get around. Just googling Hunter Pence's girlfriend gives you about four different ladies. Having said that, Savannah Swetland is Hunter's current girlfriend. Let's hope this is the one for Hunter.

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Ana Sanchez (Anibal Sanchez)

Miami Herald

This is like the only picture available for Ana Sanchez. What a one-hit wonder she is, eh?

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Kate Upton (Justin Verlander)


Dang, it's good to be Justin Verlander.