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Marcus Lattimore Suffers Gruesome Knee Injury

South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore suffered a torn ACL last year and battled his way back on to the field this season. It now seems highly unlikely that he will get to play another game this season after today’s gruesome injury he suffered.

Tennessee Volunteers Eric Gordon hit Lattimore on a low tackle, and Lattimore’s leg instantly collapsed. It looks as if his entire leg was dislocated. He seemed to be in an extreme amount of pain after the play as well. Fair warning, the video is may be little disgusting if you have a weak stomach.

Just this week, Lattimore was named team captain by his teammates. Both teams came out onto the field to support him as he was taken off the field on a cart with a towel over his eyes.

His family was shown on the sidelines and they were emotional as well, realizing that he might be suffering a season-ending injury for the second year in a row.

Lattimore is considered a top running back for next year’s NFL draft, so hopefully the injury is not as severe as it looked. If he decides to leave school early, he is predicted be a first round pick. He is considered to be one of the best running backs in the Southeastern Conference.

Lattimore was taken to a local hospital immediately; so far, all that has been said is that it is an apparent knee injury. MRI’s and X-rays will eventually be taken after swelling goes down. They’re hoping that after some rehabilitation and repair, Lattimore will be eventually be able to return to football.