Michael Phelps' Epic Crowd Surfing Fail

By Renae Juska
Rob Schumacher- US PRESSWIRE

If a famous Olympic medalist is at a Vegas nightclub, of course people are going to have their cameras out. Still, I bet that none of them expected to film Michael Phelps taking a tumble onto the floor. The epic fail occurred at the XS nightclub on Monday night.


He did not even keep up on the raft for more than a few seconds, and only moved about three feet. Apparently the crowd didn’t really care if the Olympic medalist fell onto the floor, because they clearly didn’t hold him up on the raft for very long.

Apparently Phelps is doing just fine and did not sustain any major injuries; I’m sure he was probably intoxicated to the point where he didn’t feel too much anyway. Let’s face it, he probably wasn’t even embarrassed, since he holds all sorts of Olympic records.

He was recently named the Fittest Man of All Time by Mens Health Magazine, but is clearly not the most coordinated person.

But hey, at least Phelps is having fun after his retirement, and not just sitting around eating fancy dinners and playing golf. Then again, he is only 27, so he is allowed to go out and go crazy for at least a few more years.

Either way, I guess this means that Phelps should stay in the water from now on. He may be the most “decorated” athlete in Olympic history but he definitely does not receive a medal for his crowd surfing talent.

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