Vick Ballard Caps Off Colts Win With Amazing Diving Touchdown

By Riley Schmitt

Not a lot of people know who Vick Ballard is. The running back for the Indianapolis Colts is kind of an unknown but that is going to change in the coming days. Ballard capped off a key win for the team with an amazing effort to score a touchdown in overtime.

It is not the world’s greatest video, but the play itself can overcome the poor quality.  Ballard left everything on the table there and his ability to contort his body to touch the pylon is quite impressive.  The game itself was kind of bland but it certainly picked up with this play.

You will see this play all over the highlights for the next few days.  In fact, this will probably be the top play in a lot of spots.  The dive is simply impressive and people are even calling it Matrix-like.  That is how you know it is a good one.

Ballard may not be the starting RB in Indy for much longer but he certainly made an impact in this game.  Andrew Luck has this team competing and plays like this certainly help the cause.  I expect the team to surprise everyone with how they finish this year.  It will take some time before they are making noise in the playoffs, but they are moving in the right direction.

I have watched this play numerous times and I still get chills watching it.  That is just a great effort and it was great to see him actually score.  Play of the week.

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