Alabama's Jesse Williams Has YOLO Tattoo on Face

By Renae Juska

Defensive lineman Jesse Williams for the Alabama Crimson Tide has tattoos pretty much everywhere on his body, but has recently added quite a noticeable one. Williams now has “YOLO” tattooed down his face, next to his left ear.

For those of you not familiar with the term, it stands for “You Only Live Once.”

This may sound like an inspirational quote, but it pretty much means that young people should go out and do whatever they want, to go crazy, and be irrational about their life decisions. Bands used the term in the past but YOLO became viral when Drizzy Drake’s song “The Motto” was released last year.

Let’s just say that the term is highly overused and extremely annoying on Facebook and Twitter, not to mention it’s even worse when you’re on a college campus.

Williams already has a tattoo on his hand that reads “I stopped checking for the monster under the bed when I realized the monster is me,” among many others. The large one down the side of his arm is a personal poem that his dad wrote.

He claims that all of his tattoos have specific meanings to him, ranging from his family, to his responsibility on the football team. I’m not exactly sure what sort of deep meaning YOLO has to Williams but it is tattooed in one of the most visible places it could possibly be.

It’s probably good that Williams has a future in football; between the tattoos, gauged ears and Mohawk, he’d probably struggle to find a real job. I’d definitely be a little threatened by his intimidating look if I were to see him in person.

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