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The 25 Biggest Whiners in Sports

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Honey Boo Hoo!


If there is one thing all sports fans can agree on, it’s that we really hate whiners and complainers. Nothing is worse than watching multi-millionaires complain about something as minute as penalties, playing time, or teammates.

While compiling my list, I came to the conclusion that whiners come from a majority of two leagues - - the NBA and the NFL. The reason for this is rather simple: these two leagues have the most divas and missed calls compared to the other leagues.

Sure, there are baseball players who whine and complain, but a lot of them are retired by now *cough* Barry Bonds *cough*. Furthermore, I really can’t think of an egregious whiner in baseball, unless you want to count Alex Rodriguez as one, but I believe he’s just a choker rather than a whiner.

Nevertheless, here are 25 of the biggest whiners in sports today, a list that anchored by the big babies of the NBA and NFL world. I appreciate your constant bickering to make it easy for me to reach 25 athletes/coaches, and I apologize to all of the complainers I left off the list. There’s always next year, A-Rod.

Feel free to disagree with any others I may have forgotten. I am a human being. I do make mistakes. Also, it should be noted, this really isn’t in any sort of order. All of these athletes have their faults and reasons to be number one.

Bryan is a featured writer for Rant Sports. Although he concentrates on MLB, you can see him covering a multitude of things across the Rant Sports Network.

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Aaron Rodgers


Aaron Rodgersis a bad, bad man on the football field, but he also complains quite often. Even though half the time it's in a sarcastic matter, Rodgers has been rather defensive this year about his squad, claiming the media just needs to "shh".

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Lane Kiffin

Matt Kartozian - US PRESSWIRE

Remember when Lane Kiffin claimed that Urban Meyer was breaking the rules of recruiting? And then he bolted for a team that obviously breaks the rules for recruiting? Good times, Lane. Good times.

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Ray Allen

Steve Mitchell - US PRESSWIRE

We get it, Ray Allen. Doc Rivers didn't want you. Shut up and play.

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Tim Tebow


Tim Tebow isn't like a lot of these guys, but he still whines in a backhanded way. It's like when someone uses the "I don't mean to be rude" before saying something really rude. Tebow hides his whining behind his charming personality.

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Peyton Manning

Ron Chenroy - US PRESSWIRE

He's not nearly as bad as he was earlier in his career, but Peyton Manning loved to yell at others for his shortcomings. Whether it was blaming his "liquored" up kicker or "protection problems", he was never at fault.

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Serena Williams

Susan Mallane - US PRESSWIRE

We all remember when Serena Williams threatened to kill a referee, right? Okay, good.

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Dwyane Wade

Steve Mitchell - US PRESSWIRE

Dwyane Wade gets away with so many things because he's Dwayne Wade. He reacts like he gets shot on foul calls, he has several instances of cheap shots, and he constantly reminds how hard it was to not choose Chicago because he's such a great father.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Christopher Hanewinckel - US PRESSWIRE

A flopper in soccer? No way! I feel like a real soccer fan could make this list with soccer players alone.

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Pete Rose


Pete Rose is still trying to be the victim from his whole sports gambling debacle. I'm sorry, Pete, but you bet on the game; ergo, you're not going into the Hall of Fame. It's just the way it is, champ.

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Danica Patrick

Rob Grabowski - US PRESSWIRE

Danica Patrick is a little firecracker, isn't she? There have been several incidences where Patrick whines on the radio about something. Plus, she tried choking a guy, so there's that.

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Shaquille O'Neal

Kim Klement - US PRESSWIRE

Just because Shaquille O'Neal is a lovable guy makes it a lot easier to like him, but he's still a whiner. There were two sides to the Shaq-Kobe feud, not just one. Also, he keeps complaining about another whiner we will see on this list later.

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Randy Moss

Brace Hemmelgarn - US PRESSWIRE

I mean, when you wish the organization that traded you all the best at a presser, saying you that love them, you know you have some problems. Randy Moss has always been scrutinized as a whiner, which is well deserved for someone who obviously takes plays off in his career.

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Tony Stewart

Jeremy Brevard - US PRESSWIRE

Tony Stewart is just a jerk; nothing more needs to be added.

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Floyd Mayweather


Floyd Mayweather may not be a whiner as much as he is a coward. Okay, coward may be a little rough, but will you fight Manny Pacquiao already! Please!

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Jermichael Finley


Hey, here's a picture of Jermichael Finley dropping a pass - - weird. Here's an idea for you, Jermichael, catch the ball and then you can complain. Until then, shut your yapper.

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Tim Duncan


Every time Tim Duncan has been called for a foul, he reacts as if the referee just insulted his mother. Relax, Timmy, you commit fouls every now and then.

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Ozzie Guillen

Mark J. Rebilas - US PRESSWIRE

I'm pretty sure Ozzie Guillen has a rollerdex of excuses when his teams stink. Players, coaches, himself, the media, nothing is off Ozzie's blame radar.

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Sidney Crosby

Charles LeClaire - US PRESSWIRE

I'm just basing this on the idea of the general hockey fanbase, but if Sidney Crosby really did complain about hats getting thrown on the ice for a hat trick, then this placement is justifiable.

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Tom Brady


I have to preface this by saying that I absolutely love Tom Brady. He is my favorite player from my non-favorite teams ever. Having said that, he is a gigantic whiner. Whether it's screaming at his players, coaches, or referees, Tom Brady makes it know how he feels about your efforts.

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Cam Newton


Is there another athlete right now that pouts more than Cam Newton? Stop pouting and win, Cam.

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Jay Cutler


Jay Cutler is the lightning rod for misinformed opinions, but that doesn't make him any less of a whiner. I'm sure Jay is okay with it, though. I mean, he gets to go home to Kristin Cavallari every night. That isn't so bad.

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Terrell Owens

Gary A. Vasquez - US PRESSWIRE

I don't know if there is another athlete who has burned more bridges in his career than Terrell Owens. Owens is the only player on this list who openly cried at a press conference, so that's reason enough to have him this high, even if he is out of the league.

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Rasheed Wallace

Douglas Jones - US PRESSWIRE

Rasheed Wallace is back! For that reason alone, he regains his rightful spot on a biggest whiners list. In his entire career, Wallace has never committed a foul in his opinion. He has always played the perfect game, and has always been fouled on every shot he has taken.

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Kobe Bryant

Richard Mackson - US PRESSWIRE

Everything I said about Tom Brady can be said about Kobe Bryant. However, Kobe's has a laundry list of complaints. He wanted off the Lakers like twelve times, he acts like the victim to the media on most occasions, and he uses gay slurs to demean the referees. He still bes on the track, though.

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Dwight Howard

Christopher Hanewinckel - US PRESSWIRE

Alas, the biggest baby of them all. Dwight Howard went Brett Favre x 1000 this season. He also is near the top of the league in technical fouls each year. Congratulations, Dwight, you finally won something.

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