Top 10 Sports-Related Halloween Costumes for 2012

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Top 10 Sports-Related Halloween Costumes of 2012


As Halloween is approaching, some people are scrambling to find a costume for the big day. However, you can certainly put together a unique and inexpensive sports costume fairly easily.

A few of the Top 10 are typical sports-related Halloween costumes, but others have a unique twist to them or resemble events that have happened in the last year. Either way, they are costumes that you will be likely to see within the next week.

No, I did not include the disrespectful costumes such as Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky with a little kid, Lance Armstrong with “LiveWrong,” or a cheating version of Tiger Woods. Instead, I tried to make a little twist and come up with some unique costumes that you could wear to represent 2012.

A few of them are targeted towards certain teams but for others, you have a wide array of people you could imitate. I’ve even added a little bit of humor to some of the ideas.

For all of the Chicago Cubs fans out there, I saw a Steve Bartman out this weekend; that is one memory in 2003 Cubs history that will never die. All that takes is some headphones, glasses, a Cubs hat, and a dark blue sweatshirt.

Some other suggestions that didn’t make the list would include: the Vilma bounty scandal, Tim Tebow, injured Bobby Petrino, or Lebron James and Dwayne Wade’s fascination with nerdy glasses.

If all else fails, go grab your favorite jersey and you have a quick and easy Halloween costume.

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10. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

Matthew Emmons- US PRESSWIRE

This one will never get old, just go buy the $35 costume, some white boots and please make sure you do not have fat hanging off your sides.

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9. Suspended Ohio State Football Player


Go grab an Ohio State jersey and draw some tattoos all over your arms. Now you’re an Ohio State football player that sold your Big 10 Championship Ring in exchange for some tattoos.

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8. Sports Illustrated Magazine Cover


This one is really easy. Take a big piece of poster board, make it look like a Sports Illustrated magazine cover. This way you can choose your own favorite story or athlete of the year.

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7. Graduated Kentucky Basketball Player

Derick E. Hingle- US PRESSWIRE

Since none of the members on the Wildcats basketball team ever graduate, make yourself be a successful one; wear a Kentucky jersey and show off your college degree.

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6. Felix Baumgartner (Space Jumper)

Balazs Gardi- National Geographic

Find a white jumpsuit, helmet, some Redbull, a parachute and maybe even a large balloon. Now you can be the man that free-fell from space.

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5. Olympic Athlete


Go grab any sporting outfit, make a gold medal and boom, you’re an Olympic medalist. This is probably the cheapest option, yet will be seen since the Olympics were this year. Anything from the Fab 5, to Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt will grab attention.

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4. Iowa Running Back


Just grab a walking boot or sling and an Iowa (or black and yellow) Jersey #3, 4, 32, 33, 45 and bam, you’re in injured Iowa running back. If you’re good enough, you could probably make it on the team since they’re already on the 6th string for the season.

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3. Alex Rodriguez

The Star-Ledger- US PRESSWIRE

Find an oversized A-Rod jersey, throw on a walking boot and have a lot of extra baseballs on hand to give the ladies your number.

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2. Locked-Out NHL Player

Rob Grabowski- US PRESSWIRE

Throw on an NHL Hockey jersey then go grab a McDonalds hat or Wal-Mart vest and there you have a locked out NHL player scrambling to find some money.

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1. NFL Replacement Referee

Matthew Emmons- US PRESSWIRE

Go get some sunglasses, a walking cane, referee jersey, and yellow handkerchief. You could probably still make better calls than the NFL replacement referees.