WWE Wrestler Sin Cara Dropped on Head

By Andrew Fisher

During Sunday night’s WWE pay-per-view Hell in a Cell, wrestler Sin Cara was mistakenly dropped on his head during a tag team match:


I don’t think this one is on Sin Cara, as Titus O’Neil is the one in control of the move, and specifically in charge of Cara’s head. It looks like he doesn’t push him out enough to get the proper clearance.

Sin Cara was unable to finish the match, and laid on the outside for several minutes in a dazed state. He was able to get back into the ring to celebrate with his tag team partner, but was clearly shaken up. My best guess is that he suffered a stinger.

The following night on on Raw, Sin Cara wrestled in another tag team match and seemed fine. There’s no doubt that he’s incredibly lucky after this botch.

The irony is that Sin Cara is known for botching moves. Ever since his debut in WWE, that’s what wrestling fans most closely associate with Cara. He was even the inspiration for the phrase, “Botch-a-Mania.”

Most blame his errors in the ring on the difference between the Mexican and WWE styles of wrestling. Lucha libre wrestling (as it’s called in Mexico), is much faster paced, with rapid sequences, and high flying maneuvers. This of course is much different that your traditional pro wrasslin’ that goes on here in the States, which is more about size and strength.

Sin Cara has no doubt improved in the last several months, and most attribute that to him working with Rey Mysterio.

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