20 Celebrity Cheerleaders That You May Not Have Known About

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Believe it or not, celebrities did have lives before they became famous. Shocking, I know. Some of these guys lived ordinary high school lives. They played sports and some of them even became cheerleaders. Since I know that interests all of you, I invite you to take a look at 20 celebrity cheerleaders that you may have not known about.

If you just take a quick look at this list, we have some really famous actresses and two former US presidents. Trust me, the presidents on the list will not shock anyone. One was a California boy and the other, well, he was just a bit out there. Not that there is anything wrong with being a cheerleader.

There are probably some cheerleaders that I missed but I feel that this group of 20 will certainly tide most folks over. Before doing this list, I would have never guessed that these people had time to be cheerleaders. I figured acting class and singing lessons were two things that ended up dominating their lives. I guess I ended up learning something from trying to track all of this information down.

Before I start rambling too much, I present you this list of 20 celebrity cheerleaders. If you feel that there is someone that was missed and that should be on it, let us know in the comments. They won't get added to this one, but I will surely make a note of it for a future post. To the list we go!

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Phyllis Smith

Source: TV Guide

Smith has become famous thanks to The Office but she also used to cheerlead. I was mildly surprised by that factoid.

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Katie Couric

Source: Scallawag and Vagabond

Yes, Couric was a cheerleader. Yes, I am shocked too.

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Meryl Streep

Source: Showbiz 411

Streep is a person that I would have never pictured as a cheerleader. However, that was what she did at Bernards High School. You learn something every day.

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Source: Reuters

Madonna was a cheerleader back in the 70s. She still dresses like one so I guess nothing has changed since then.

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Lindsay Lohan

Source: Inquisitir

Before going off the rails, Lohan was a cheerleader. Those were simpler days.

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George W. Bush

w. bush
Source: Telegraph

Good old Dubya had an interesting life before becoming president. Part of that life involved cheerleading.

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Halle Berry

Source: Urban Belle Mag

Berry was a cheerleader in the 80s, which led her to competing in pageants. That led to an acting career that we can all enjoy.

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Ronald Reagan

Source: Ronald Reagan Club

Before he became one of the greatest presidents ever, Reagan was cheerleading at Eureka College. I think he picked the right career path.

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Kirk Douglas

Source: Politico

Douglas is a fantastic actor but he got his start as a cheerlead. It's almost the same thing.

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Miley Cyrus

Source: Idolator

At one point in her young life, Cyrus was a cheerleader. Now she's just the next celebrity who is dangerously close to going off the rails.

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Source: Billboard

Yes, there was a Fergie before the Black Eyed Peas. During that phase, she took time to cheerlead.

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Jessica Simpson

Source: Curvy Magazine

Before her life went sort of off the rails, Simpson was a cheerleader during junior high.

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Sandra Bullock

Source: People Magazine

Before becoming an actress, Bullock was a cheerleader at Washington-Lee High School.

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Dakota Fanning

Source: Filmofilia

Fanning did more than cheerlead in high school. She also won homecoming queen. Not too shabby.

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Blake Lively

Source: Secrets of a Good Girl

Lively spent time cheerleading at Burbank High School before becoming an actress. Looks like she picked the right career.

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Cameron Diaz

Source: Popcracker

During her short high school career, Diaz took time to become a cheerleader. She left high school to become an actress, a move that worked out fairly well.

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Brooklyn Decker

Source: Sports Illustrated

Decker was a cheerleader in 2005. Now she gets to comfort Andy Roddick as he wonders what to do in retirement.

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I pity the people that witnessed Snooki cheerlead while she was in high school.

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Megan Fox

Source: Top News

Fox was a cheerleader her sophomore year in high school. It certainly did not help her avoid being in really awful movies.

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Olivia Munn

Source: Zap 2 It

In 1998, Munn was a cheerleader at her high school in Oklahoma City. Good for her.

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