The 30 Scariest Athletes in Sports Today

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Trick or Treat


You’re looking at one of the scariest individuals you have ever seen on Halloween. Sure, Michael Myers isn’t real, but he’s still downright terrifying. Halloween is holiday where we enjoy a good scare. Whether it’s from movies, stories, or watching a Charlotte Bobcats game, we enjoy the cheap thrill of fright.

Throughout sports, we have plenty of athletes we have labeled scary in their career. Obviously, most of the “scary” athletes are ones who are involved in violent competition, but that doesn’t make them any less scary.

These athletes are frightening for a variety of reason. Athleticism, size, veraciousness, and downright meanness can all play a part in why I think you are a scary dude. Therefore, I bring to you 15 of the scariest athletes in sports today.

I wanted to make this an all-time list, but I knew I would have forgotten way, way, way too many frightening foes; especially, since I can only remember what my eyes have seen. For that reason alone, I stuck with the athletes of today. Even though the pool is easier to pick from, I am sure I am forgetting some monsters.

Although most of this is tongue-in-cheek, feel free to disagree with any of my selections and off your own.

Alas, the 15 athletes in the sporting world that scares me half to death.


Bryan is a featured writer for Rant Sports. Although he concentrates on MLB, you can see him covering a multitude of things across the Rant Sports Network.

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Clay Matthews

Joe Nicholson - US PRESSWIRE

Although Clay Matthews is a bit of a pretty boy, nothing is scarier than when he rocks the Predator after a sack. I would definitely walk the other way if I saw that.

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Nyjer Morgan

Steve Mitchell - US PRESSWIRE

Nyjer Morgan has this Gollum thing working pretty well. He's someone that would jump on your back from behind that you can't throw off.

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Zdeno Chara

Greg M. Cooper - US PRESSWIRE

Zdeno Chara said "I don't see any reason to change my game or style of play" after cracking Max Pacioretty's spine. That's like Pacman Jones saying "I don't see any reason to not take two trash bags full of cash into a strip club." You might want to change things slightly.

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Ray Lewis

Evan Habeeb - US PRESSWIRE

He may or may have not killed a guy, so he already has that to his street cred. He's also the most powerful speaker in the history of mankind. If Ray Lewis told me he was going to beat me into submission, there would be a puddle by my feet.

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Metta World Peace

Ron Artest

Metta World Peace has toned it down in his years, but you never know when he's going to snap again - - i.e. James Harden's face.

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Brian Urlacher

Matthew Emmons - US PRESSWIRE

Brian Uralcher is a bad, bad dude. And he has been a bad, bad dude for quite some time. He basically was Bane before there was Bane.

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Jon "Bones" Jones

Tom Szczerbowski - US PRESSWIRE

Jon Jones has the attitude, has the look, and can also kick the tar out of 99.9999% of the population. I'm scared.

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Patrick Willis

Patrick Willis
Kyle Terada - US PRESSWIRE

This picture pretty much symbolizes how scary Patrick Willis actually is. I would repeat what Kenny Powers wants Willis to do, but it's a family website.

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Tim Tebow


You know what they always say about the most brutal serial killers, right? "Oh, he was such a good, quiet, decent man. I never thought in a million years he could be capable of this". BTK was caught because he saved a letter of his at his church. And no, I'm not saying Tim Tebow is a serial killer, it's just unnerving how perfect he is.

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LeBron James

Steve Mitchell - US PRESSWIRE

It's not that LeBron James is a scary dude, but he's such an athletic freak it scares me to death. LeBron would be like one of those Men in Black creatures that scales building and what not. I would not want to mess with that.

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Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather
USA Today Sports

You can hate him, and many people do, but Money Mayweather is scary on multiple levels. He's never lost a fight and there's no denying he's the best pound for pound boxer in the world. Good luck throwing down with him.

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JJ Watt


He's only been in the NFL for three years, but Watt has already established himself as one of the toughest players around. If JJ Watt doesn't scare you, you must be a large individual with an even bigger mean streak.

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Ndamukong Suh


Suh is probably the dirtiest player in the NFL. He's not well-liked, but when it comes time to throw down on Sundays, he's one of the scariest players in the league. Dude is just flat out mean on the gridiron.

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Brian Wilson


Wilson used to be scary good as a relief pitcher and he's working his way back to that status after Tommy John surgery, but this dude is just straight up scary looking. I don't know if he's on something or just a natural psychopath.

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Chris Anderson

Mark D. Smith - US PRESSWIRE

Umm... just look at him! Do I really need to explain this one?

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James Harrison

Charles LeClaire - US PRESSWIRE

This picture is worth a thousand words. And if this picture wasn't, the one of him shirtless wielding two guns would be. James Harrison is a crazy dude.

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"Masked" Kobe Bryant

Rick Ostentoski - US PRESSWIRE

You know you are frightening when you want a black mask. Kobe is one of the most ruthless athletes there is today. If he could rip out your heart, he'd eat it right in front of you.

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Anderson Silva

Mark J. Rebilas - US PRESSWIRE

Anderson Silva can kick anyone's butt, so for that reason alone he is on this list. He does seem like a nice guy, though.

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Brock Lesnar

Mark J. Rebilas - US PRESSWIRE

Brock Lesnar may not be the best fighter, but the man has a giant tattoo of a sword to his throat. I mean, that tells me right there he's a little loco. Furthermore, I will never, ever, ever forgot his debut with the WWE. I was legitimately scared by this mammoth man. I would be trembling if I ever stood next to Brock, even he's out of his prime

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DeMarcus Cousins


While Cousins hasn't yet lived up to his potential on the hardwood, there's no denying that this guy is scary. He could one day be scary good at the game of basketball, but he's already an imposing physical presence that you don't want to mess with.

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Big Show


This former basketball player turned pro wrestler is billed as the 'world's largest athlete.' While we all know that's not exactly true, there's no doubt that Big Show could take nearly anybody in a fight if it came down to it.

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DeMarcus Ware


At 6-4 and 250 pounds, NFL defensive players don't get much scarier than Ware. He's compiled 115 sacks during his career thus far, and there's no question he's been scaring the crap out of opposing QBs for years.

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Adrian Peterson


Sure, there are a good amount people who could take AP in a fight, but there's no scarier running back in the NFL. This guy is as determined as they come and at the same time, he's tough as nails.

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Cain Velasquez


It doesn't get much scarier than the UFC heavyweight champion. We're talking about the toughest of the tough. This guy is the champion of the division which showcases the biggest dudes in UFC. Cain Velasquez is straight up monster.

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Nick Mangold


Take one look at that mug and tell me Nick Mangold isn't the toughest offensive lineman in the NFL. He throws giant grown men around for a living.

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Alex Rodriguez


A-Rod's ego could be the scariest thing in all of sports. What a buffoon.

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Dennis Rodman


The Worm continues to amaze us with his support of North Korea. Does anyone know what he's talking about anymore? Scary...

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Kimbo Slice


Kimbo's MMA career didn't exactly pan out. However. he's still a guy you'd hate to meet out back.

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Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson is retired, but he scares the heck out of me. Will he bite your ear? Will he eat your children? Who knows?

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Sammy Sosa


Whatever Sosa is doing to make his face look like this, he needs to stop it. Seriously, stop it.

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  • Cameron Purdie

    Lame article. I thought this was about athletes who were actually scary for one reason or another. That said, Brock Lesnar does deserve the top spot but that’s because he has a history of almost killing the guys he gets in the ring with, which is why he made such a great MMA fighter. He’s literally only good at hurting people.

    • Pepperoni92

      He’s a pussy – ’nuff said.

    • FrankDaEnforcer

      brock lesnar got beat up by overoids lol

      • Skyler Mutziger

        overroid had 16 times the testosterone lol i think you could have shot him and not affected him greatly also lesnar almost died 3 times from diverticulitis which is when you have a hole in your gi track and stomach and the shit from you gi track gets into your stomach and you digest it its quite deadly and lesnar is lucky he survived the hardships he did no one can deny 07-08 lesnar was 10x the mma fighter he was when he fought cain or overroid not here to be a fan boy and say lesnar is the greatest ever and could kill a lion with his bare hands or anything just saying he was a beast at one point and lost it all because he didnt take care of his health

        • Michael J Wilding

          too bad he had the worst record in MMA history and lost to mir in this time when your saying he was unstoppable lol Lesnar wasnt that great he simply won because he was so much bigger then most guys he could have never beat JDS or cain those guys are on another level simply put.

          • bgolfguy

            He got caught in a heel lock when he lost to Mir and when they had the rematch he beat Mir like a little bitch. He had the wrestling skills, just not the boxing or BJJ that is now mandatory. Remember, Couture beat the majority of guys with his outstanding wrestling. He would have a hard time now.

        • Tim Geist

          is that what diverticulitis is? wrong. research it.

  • John M

    Mike Tyson would have him for Breakfast.
    Wilt Chamberlin will add him to his list of women
    I’d be afraid of Kobe’s wife much more.

    • tap2strikes


    • KK

      *Tyson would eat him for Breakfath

  • guavass

    Cain Velasquez kicks anybody’s ass on this planet

    • Ryan Manchesta

      Cain vs Jones would be awesome. I think Jones wins though.

      • DookieTwinkle

        Jones almost lost to Gustafsson, what makes you think Cain won’t KO him?

        • tap2strikes

          Cain got KTFO by JDS and dropped twice by Kongo (instinctive wrestling saved his ass) . What makes you think Jones won’t smash him. Gust is better all around fighter than JDS and despite hitting Jones with some of his best shots he couldn’t even wobble the Champ. Cut him with glancing blow yes. Stagger, Wobble or KO…no. A kick to the cranium might put glass average Jaw Cain down. I bet Gust can take Cain.

          • guavass

            Cain destroys Jones easily.

          • tap2strikes

            Now that’s just not wise. No one does anything to Jones easily. Especially like how Cain got dropped by JDS in what?… 90 seconds. Or do you just have amnesia?

          • Jonathan Holik

            exactly! the rematch was staged .. JDS kept toying with cain in the first round (knocking him down, letting him back up) you can tell JDS just let the guy win… its not rock science. personally, I think its BULLSHIT. FUCK UFC.

    • mark

      I got 100 on Josh Barnett if he ever fights Cain velasquez.

      • Michael J Wilding

        i want to see hunt fight cain, if cain is man enough to stand with him cain goes to sleep.

    • Michael J Wilding

      i got my money on JDS knocking him out in there next fight. Cain won the last 1 only because JDS was sick, he was severely dehydrated for a week before the fight and was in the hospital 48 hours before the fight.

      • guavass

        how much money did you loose?

        • Michael J Wilding

          not a whole lot, i knew cain wasnt gonna actually fight. IMO he lost fans for the boring fight and did you hear the fans booing him??? Hes a 1 trick pony like no other, hes a wrestler in an MMA game, its working for now but how long??? But ive been saying it about all the Brazilian guys they need to learn wrestling, i thought if any Brazilian had a shot it was JDS but guess he fell short. The same will happen to anderson silva as hes the same way, no wrestling.

        • morph2020

          loose? LOOSE!

      • morph2020

        “there next fight?” THERE? THERE!

  • dbomb12

    Who cares, they are all criminals and deserve to be locked up. From O.J to Aaron Hernandez

    • Aaron Dunckel

      yeah… all athletes are criminals…. lol really?

      • morph2020

        I lived in an SEC varsity football dorm long ago. Nearly, but not all, were actually criminals.

    • HP

      cause they black or hispanic? get the fuck outta here with that shit honky

      • Michael J Wilding

        you didnt need the honky part lol

  • Anthony Inniss

    Bane was Bane before Uralcher genius…1993.

  • Cheesy Bread

    chris anderson? kobe bryant? a baseball player? lmao man this article sucked

    • tap2strikes


    • FrankDaEnforcer

      anderson and bryant dont scared nobody lmao

    • Bryan Lutz is a pussy

      Apparently that tattoos are supposed to make him look scary? The writer of this article is a PUSSY

  • cool

    wheres ray lewis at and cain velasquez

    • Tim Geist

      they are both on the list!

  • loawlz

    Tim Tebow ? Perfect ? For practice or kindergarten maybe…

    • E.A. Blair

      “Dear Praying People,This is God. I’m sorry but I can’t answer your prayers right now. Tim Tebow is fervently praying for Me to help him complete his next pass, and has promised to do that little thing he does every time he thanks Me (he looks so cute when he does that).Your prayer is very important to Me. Please stay on your knees and the next angel, saint or deceased relative will be on the line to intercede for you, and I’m really sorry for any deaths, illnesses or natural disasters that happen during the game.”

  • Emma Hudson

    My friend Hanna just got an awesome Audi X1 just by part-time work from a pc.

  • who

    Bas Rutten should at least get an honourable mention… Challenged by Uralacher in a bar one night, then completely bitched out when the bouncers told him who Bas was.

  • mattlove1

    That guy looks a bit like Brian Bosworth, remember him?


  • Steve Williamson

    Bane, the Batman character, debuted in 1993. Urlacher was drafted in 2000…So no, Bane was Bane before Urlacher was a Bad bad dude.

    • FrankDaEnforcer

      urlacher soft he cant even fight go watch on youtube mike tyson teaching urlacher how to punch

  • Jamie

    Mike Tyson, Martin Castrogiovanni, Nemanja Vidic, 3 athletes not on this list that I wouldn’t like to fuck with.

    • morph2020

      I don’t think they’d fuck with you; they would just fuck you.

  • Gino Lafranco

    TIM Tebow really means the obsession the media have on TIM is shameless

  • Richard Storm

    Uh, Mike Tyson beats them all, even today…

  • Nic Bailey

    Lame article is lame… I was thinking that this was going to give a little back story on some athletes that have done time or anything along those lines, but nope… Rather it was just some mess about how this person finds them to be scary (which makes it seem more silly than anything else, and the producer just wanted to get some appraisal by the viewers.)

    To sum it up: -1/10: Unamused (would be 0, but putting Micheal Myers before this slide show got my hopes up for this being good)

  • tap2strikes

    What about Suh?

  • FrankDaEnforcer

    lol the list wack they scared nobody

  • FrankDaEnforcer

    Thiago Silva(UFC),Mike Tyson,kimbo slice mo scary then all them

  • Glen A

    I’d be more afraid of Kurt Angle than Kobe Bryant. Angle is an Olympic gold medalist, a medal he won with a broken neck. That would scary having to fight that guy, not Kobe.

  • HLain

    Well. . . that was stupid.

  • Andy Phạm

    Cain Velasquez

  • Don Hellbound

    afraid ?. if all 15 were walking towards me, you would need 15 body bags. fact. SYLO

  • E.A. Blair

    The author must spend a lot of money on laundry after crapping his pants when he sees all these scary people. Me, I kind of pity the notion that they rely on primitive and artificial rage to create their self-image.

  • mark

    Tebow?? LeBron?? I’m 5’9″ 200 lbs and would shoot fight either one of them. Ask Urlacher about backing down from Bas Rutten: After getting in his face. This list is B.S.

    • Spider1952

      Who is Bas Rutten?

  • RGP

    Brock Lesner – are you kidding??!! First he’s a huge DB – Secondly, how about the dude that kicked the crap out of him – Now that dude scares me.

    • Michael J Wilding

      that was cain Velasquez or allistar overeem he kicked his ass too lol

  • Ronald Odde

    Tebow? perfect? Perfectly awful maybe.

  • Michael J Wilding

    some of the list was good but some of these guys just dont belong. Anderson silva although a great MMA fighter to me is not that scary, neither is kobe or tim tebow. D suh yeah that guy is scary he might stomp you out just for fun lol and mike tyson should be on the list and maybe even fedor and yes bas rutten although if your not an asshole bas is a nice guy just dont piss him off lol he will punch you in the liver.

  • el ile

    mark henry?

  • Dane Nieman

    This list is kind of a joke(no offense). Brock Lesner deserves to be at the very top of the list, I’m sorry but he is way scarier than anyone else on this list other than Ray Lewis and Suh maybe. He almost killed that dude legally in his UFC title defense match and had to be ripped off him. And your missing a couple people like Tyson, Elvis Dumerville, Von Miller, and a handful of NFL linebackers. Come on guys, this list was a waste of my time, try harder please.

    • Ran1976

      what about Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem?

  • Graham Ian Mann Gogs

    Brock im laughing my ass off.

  • Omari Gadlin

    Wow none of those players are scary and Bosh was the softest of them all.

  • ballsohard

    saying that jon jones can kick the tar out of 99.9999% of the world population would imply that over 7000 people can kick the tar out of jon jones……. sorry, only maybe a handful of ufc fighters would even have a chance out of everyone in the world….

  • Sammy Lane

    Brock intimidates but not scares me,the only individual that I am scared of Mark Callaway a.k.a THE UNDERTAKER simply because he is a real deal Biker and he is a man of very few words but has a mean scowl when he is about to rip you a new a**hole for looking at his wife.If you do that and he tells you to “come here” by all means…RUN,YOU IDIOT..RUN!

  • Dwayne Wayne

    Unless any of these guys have murdered someone, I’m not scared of them.

  • DisCus

    Garbage list… WWE people don’t belong on any list of athletes or scary people… maybe on a list of worlds worst actors. If you want scary try: Joseph Ntshongwana (murdered 3 people with an axe for giving his daughter hiv), Paul Wood (ruptured a testicle in first part of a rugby match and finished the match), Daniel Adongo (grew up in kenya… dunno if that counts as scary but he’s not so much of a pussy as kobe or any of the other basketball players on the list), Henry Tuilagi (would make anyone on this list shit themselves)…

  • David Brooks

    Alexander Karelin enough said

  • Jon

    nice list overall. but i do have something to say about Brock Lesnar. i have been a fan of Lesnar’s since 2nd grade. and i’d like to mention that Lesnar’s placement on this list and some of the comments that were made about him i beg to differ on. let me start with the comment about his sanity.

    Brock Lesnar says that he got that tattoo when he was going through some very hard times. he’s also said that he has considered getting it removed. you shouldn’t call him loco for that.

    also, saying “Brock Lesnar may not be the best fighter”, i think implies to the reader that he is actually not a very impressive fighter; that he just has muscles and a tough look. yet, it was Brock who got to two NCAA championship matches in the NCAA (one he won, and the other he lost to the Patriots elite, super bowl winning offensive lineman, Stephen Neal). he also ended with a 106-5 record in wrestling after 4 years in the NCAA (wikipedia). he threw around the, then, 500 LB Big Show during his time in the WWE with a bruised rib, hurt ankle and more, taking pain relievers to take away some of the pain from week to week as he did this (citation: his book, death clutch)! he also won the UFC heavyweight title in only his 3rd professional fight! he ended his short career in the UFC with a winning record after fighting some of the best the UFC had to offer. not the best? maybe so, but he has certainly been close.

    i could include much more info about him but i’m actually trying to make this short. see, so i like your list here overall, but Lesnar got that tattoo when he went through bad times and because of what he’s shown us as a fighter, should not be considered loco (because of his tattoo) or anything but one of the best fighters, at least in his prime. the guy also almost lost his life due to illness. an event that made him stop acting loco after some of his wins. so give him some sympathy.

    • Ran1976

      he quit after Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem dominated him, and went back to WWE

      • richard duncan

        they are both trained mma fighters

        • Ran1976

          considering he was UFC champion for a time, that means Lesner was also a trained MMA fighter

  • dude

    HAHA didnt expect to see the claymaker on here, but hes my favorite packer (wow, no homo) and he plays like a freakish beast!!!

  • Ben Jarvus

    Only one of those guys is an actual murderer

  • ezikakop emalahleni

    Big shouldn’t be here.

  • Nosobs

    totally agree on james

  • devillock

    Lol, Tebow perfect. Not at football anyway…

  • devillock

    Oh and you are forgetting just about any rugby player…

  • JPalto FromUtube

    Not scared of any of these fools. And Lesnar? Seriously? Dude takes steroids (but that is not the point of this article or comment at all…. just let me add my two cents and say that bitches cheat). He has a voice of a little girl. He was yelling this past week on RAW [last wk in Dec. 2013] and it was LOL.

    • richard duncan

      brock lesnar would wipe his ass with you.he is the only man to win the ufc vyweight title in only four pro fights with no mma traing.

      • JPalto FromUtube

        He may knock me down but I will say it to his face. I aint afraid of anyone. I speak my mind. I have some Krav Maga training too. Again he gets me on size but that is cuz he takes steroids.

  • Spider1952

    timmy tebow perfect! not hardly.

  • Ismael Ramirez

    what about prime mike tyson or prime fedor

  • morph2020

    Thomas Jefferson said that all men are equal. Samuel Colt made it become true.

  • brian basile

    Clay Matthews does not belong…Any football player that misses time for a broken finger is a wuss….

  • Boogie man

    I am the scariest of them all! They all would cross the street and not pass by me if they saw me.

  • Jim Bunion

    World Peace, more like the dumbest.

  • Hugo Danner

    Clay Matthews the Thor of the NFL!!

  • AJP

    Loser article…. I thought this was going to be about legitimate dangerous men, not clowns.

  • JGD85

    Most of these guys would get easily destroyed by the most mediocre UFC fighter. I’d bet the house that Roy Nelson would knock Lebron the Fuck out and the rub his belly after.

  • Rob Lambeth

    Brian Wilson is just a ridiculous attention whore, nothing scary about that.

  • Alan Dean Foster

    Alexander Karelin. No contest. Even Sports Illustrated agrees. I don’t care if he is retired.

  • Kenny_Bania

    If Big Show isnt the worlds largest athlete, who is?

  • David Johnson

    Too Tall Jones played in the old dirt in your mouth NFL days. quit for three years to box, then returned to the Cowboys and make more all pro teams…Big fast scary dude…

  • Andy Richardson

    LOL no one is scared of Jr. He runs like a bitc h just ask Manny.