The 30 Scariest Athletes in Sports Today

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Trick or Treat


You’re looking at one of the scariest individuals you have ever seen on Halloween. Sure, Michael Myers isn’t real, but he’s still downright terrifying. Halloween is holiday where we enjoy a good scare. Whether it’s from movies, stories, or watching a Charlotte Bobcats game, we enjoy the cheap thrill of fright.

Throughout sports, we have plenty of athletes we have labeled scary in their career. Obviously, most of the “scary” athletes are ones who are involved in violent competition, but that doesn’t make them any less scary.

These athletes are frightening for a variety of reason. Athleticism, size, veraciousness, and downright meanness can all play a part in why I think you are a scary dude. Therefore, I bring to you 15 of the scariest athletes in sports today.

I wanted to make this an all-time list, but I knew I would have forgotten way, way, way too many frightening foes; especially, since I can only remember what my eyes have seen. For that reason alone, I stuck with the athletes of today. Even though the pool is easier to pick from, I am sure I am forgetting some monsters.

Although most of this is tongue-in-cheek, feel free to disagree with any of my selections and off your own.

Alas, the 15 athletes in the sporting world that scares me half to death.


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Clay Matthews

Joe Nicholson - US PRESSWIRE

Although Clay Matthews is a bit of a pretty boy, nothing is scarier than when he rocks the Predator after a sack. I would definitely walk the other way if I saw that.

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Nyjer Morgan

Steve Mitchell - US PRESSWIRE

Nyjer Morgan has this Gollum thing working pretty well. He's someone that would jump on your back from behind that you can't throw off.

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Zdeno Chara

Greg M. Cooper - US PRESSWIRE

Zdeno Chara said "I don't see any reason to change my game or style of play" after cracking Max Pacioretty's spine. That's like Pacman Jones saying "I don't see any reason to not take two trash bags full of cash into a strip club." You might want to change things slightly.

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Ray Lewis

Evan Habeeb - US PRESSWIRE

He may or may have not killed a guy, so he already has that to his street cred. He's also the most powerful speaker in the history of mankind. If Ray Lewis told me he was going to beat me into submission, there would be a puddle by my feet.

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Metta World Peace

Ron Artest

Metta World Peace has toned it down in his years, but you never know when he's going to snap again - - i.e. James Harden's face.

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Brian Urlacher

Matthew Emmons - US PRESSWIRE

Brian Uralcher is a bad, bad dude. And he has been a bad, bad dude for quite some time. He basically was Bane before there was Bane.

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Jon "Bones" Jones

Tom Szczerbowski - US PRESSWIRE

Jon Jones has the attitude, has the look, and can also kick the tar out of 99.9999% of the population. I'm scared.

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Patrick Willis

Patrick Willis
Kyle Terada - US PRESSWIRE

This picture pretty much symbolizes how scary Patrick Willis actually is. I would repeat what Kenny Powers wants Willis to do, but it's a family website.

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Tim Tebow


You know what they always say about the most brutal serial killers, right? "Oh, he was such a good, quiet, decent man. I never thought in a million years he could be capable of this". BTK was caught because he saved a letter of his at his church. And no, I'm not saying Tim Tebow is a serial killer, it's just unnerving how perfect he is.

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LeBron James

Steve Mitchell - US PRESSWIRE

It's not that LeBron James is a scary dude, but he's such an athletic freak it scares me to death. LeBron would be like one of those Men in Black creatures that scales building and what not. I would not want to mess with that.

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Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather
USA Today Sports

You can hate him, and many people do, but Money Mayweather is scary on multiple levels. He's never lost a fight and there's no denying he's the best pound for pound boxer in the world. Good luck throwing down with him.

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JJ Watt


He's only been in the NFL for three years, but Watt has already established himself as one of the toughest players around. If JJ Watt doesn't scare you, you must be a large individual with an even bigger mean streak.

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Ndamukong Suh


Suh is probably the dirtiest player in the NFL. He's not well-liked, but when it comes time to throw down on Sundays, he's one of the scariest players in the league. Dude is just flat out mean on the gridiron.

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Brian Wilson


Wilson used to be scary good as a relief pitcher and he's working his way back to that status after Tommy John surgery, but this dude is just straight up scary looking. I don't know if he's on something or just a natural psychopath.

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Chris Anderson

Mark D. Smith - US PRESSWIRE

Umm... just look at him! Do I really need to explain this one?

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James Harrison

Charles LeClaire - US PRESSWIRE

This picture is worth a thousand words. And if this picture wasn't, the one of him shirtless wielding two guns would be. James Harrison is a crazy dude.

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"Masked" Kobe Bryant

Rick Ostentoski - US PRESSWIRE

You know you are frightening when you want a black mask. Kobe is one of the most ruthless athletes there is today. If he could rip out your heart, he'd eat it right in front of you.

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Anderson Silva

Mark J. Rebilas - US PRESSWIRE

Anderson Silva can kick anyone's butt, so for that reason alone he is on this list. He does seem like a nice guy, though.

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Brock Lesnar

Mark J. Rebilas - US PRESSWIRE

Brock Lesnar may not be the best fighter, but the man has a giant tattoo of a sword to his throat. I mean, that tells me right there he's a little loco. Furthermore, I will never, ever, ever forgot his debut with the WWE. I was legitimately scared by this mammoth man. I would be trembling if I ever stood next to Brock, even he's out of his prime

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DeMarcus Cousins


While Cousins hasn't yet lived up to his potential on the hardwood, there's no denying that this guy is scary. He could one day be scary good at the game of basketball, but he's already an imposing physical presence that you don't want to mess with.

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Big Show


This former basketball player turned pro wrestler is billed as the 'world's largest athlete.' While we all know that's not exactly true, there's no doubt that Big Show could take nearly anybody in a fight if it came down to it.

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DeMarcus Ware


At 6-4 and 250 pounds, NFL defensive players don't get much scarier than Ware. He's compiled 115 sacks during his career thus far, and there's no question he's been scaring the crap out of opposing QBs for years.

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Adrian Peterson


Sure, there are a good amount people who could take AP in a fight, but there's no scarier running back in the NFL. This guy is as determined as they come and at the same time, he's tough as nails.

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Cain Velasquez


It doesn't get much scarier than the UFC heavyweight champion. We're talking about the toughest of the tough. This guy is the champion of the division which showcases the biggest dudes in UFC. Cain Velasquez is straight up monster.

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Nick Mangold


Take one look at that mug and tell me Nick Mangold isn't the toughest offensive lineman in the NFL. He throws giant grown men around for a living.

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Alex Rodriguez


A-Rod's ego could be the scariest thing in all of sports. What a buffoon.

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Dennis Rodman


The Worm continues to amaze us with his support of North Korea. Does anyone know what he's talking about anymore? Scary...

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Kimbo Slice


Kimbo's MMA career didn't exactly pan out. However. he's still a guy you'd hate to meet out back.

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Mike Tyson


Mike Tyson is retired, but he scares the heck out of me. Will he bite your ear? Will he eat your children? Who knows?

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Sammy Sosa


Whatever Sosa is doing to make his face look like this, he needs to stop it. Seriously, stop it.