Alabama Would Be 24 Point Underdog Against The Worst NFL Team

By Riley Schmitt
Marvin Gentry-US PRESSWIRE

We must be running out of things to talk about in sports. Once again, people are wondering if Alabama, who is by far the best team in college football, could take down an NFL team. I think this argument is stupid but there has been no clear cut answer to stop the stupidity. Thankfully, Vegas finally weighed in.

That should settle the argument.  You can say that Bama might be able to beat a team but you have to look at the facts.  That is a huge point spread for a single game.  Plus, every NFL team has a roster full of players good enough to play in the league.  You can not say that about Bama or any other college team.

This debate pops up every time there is a good college team, but I think it should just be ignored.  College teams are college teams.  Pro teams are pro teams.  Compare them to teams that are in their own league.  There is no point in trying to come up with a comparison between college kids and grown men.

This probably will not be enough to convince some people but the facts are the facts.  Vegas is probably the best judge of something like this.  Believe it or not, the gambling money does a decent job of setting lines.  Sorry fans that think a Bama win is possible.

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