Derrick Rose Stars In New Commercial For Giordano's Pizza

By Riley Schmitt

Derrick Rose is just biding his time until he can start playing basketball again. The Chicago Bulls star is still recovering from a torn ACL and it will be a bit before his back on the court. During his downtime, Rose became an equity owner in Giordano’s Pizza in Chicago. Because of that, we end up with more commercials starring Rose.

I do not think this commercial will get the air time that the current Rose commercial gets during NBA games.  I almost have that commercial memorized by now.  There are only so many times you can see Rose on the ground before the commercial becomes second nature to you.

Back to this commercial.  It should be no surprise that Rose’s favorite food is pizza.  I mean, the guy has a Skittles machine in his house.  You know that he does not have the best diet in the world.  The one recorded time that he tried to eat healthy, he ended up having to get stitches in his arm.  I can see why he would stick to pizza and other things after that.

I would expect to see this commercial popping up a lot in the Chicago area over the next few months.  They will be putting on a full court press to get people to buy pizza.  If you attach Rose’s name to it, it is almost certain that business will go up.  Sound business strategy right there, even if he might not end up playing a game this year.


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