Female QB Sami Logan Completes Pass During Game As Tribute To Mother

By Riley Schmitt

Sami Logan was your average high school female. She was the water girl on the Centennial football team, a team coached by her dad. She lost her mother to breast cancer and the team came up with a perfect tribute. She entered the game and completed a 18 yard pass to Jordan Dye, another player who had lost his mother to breast cancer.


This might be one of the most touching stories of the year right now.  The fact that the team came up with this idea as a tribute is simply amazing.  If you watch the video, the pass is not too shabby.  She stepped up and threw the ball, even in the face of pressure.  Dye did a nice job adjusting to it to haul in the catch.  Tribute just would have not been the same if the ball fell to the turf.

Logan still wants to play more QB, including throwing a touchdown pass to honor her mother.  That would certainly make this moment even more special.  I applaud her dad for taking a chance on putting her in there.  October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so it came at the exact right time.

This is going to be something to keep an eye on.  If Logan ends up playing in another game and throwing a touchdown, it might be the best moment in sports this year.  It would be a perfect tribute to her mother and everyone who knows someone that has battled breast cancer.


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