New York City Marathon Has Been Cancelled Due To Hurricane Sandy

By Riley Schmitt

Well, after a lot of speculation, New York has made a smart move. The New York City marathon was supposed to be run on Sunday, even after the damage that Hurricane Sandy ended up causing. However, public sentiment was against it and the city decided to cancel it. Smart move by everyone involved in the story.

It would have made no sense for this to be run.  It would have taken valuable resources away from the the recovery effort in the city.  It would have been an absolute mess to have this thing run when the city is still trying to recover.  You should hold off on it until at least the spring.  Running it now would just be a horrible thing for everyone that was affected by the storm.

The public pressure probably had something to do with this.  The marathon was not going to be popular and it would not have made any sense to run it.  It would just cause way too many issues.  The marathon may have been a good way to show resolve in the face of danger, but it just makes no sense to do this now.

Basically, this is the smartest move to come out about the marathon.  Everyone should be happy about this and people can focus on getting the city back in working order.  The marathon is important but getting people back into their homes is even more pressing.

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