Youth Football Coach Arrested for Robbery at Team Banquet

By Renae Juska
CBS Sacramento

This week’s trending topic appears to be youth football coaches being arrested. This time around, a coach robbed a pizza restaurant as his team was eating there.

28-year-old David McGill was charged  with robbery, harboring a criminal and resisting arrest in connection with the robbery at Rico’s Pizza on October 22nd.  McGill was previously questioned about the incident but insisted that he had no role in the robbery.

After further investigation, surveillance videos showed McGill arguing with an employee at the cash register. An unidentified man walked behind the register and punched the employee to the ground as he took the drawer out of the cash register.

McGill’s family and youth football team, the Ceres Cardinals were at the restaurant at the time for a team banquet. The Ceres Cardinals are from California and consists of boys age 6 to 14.

Before the arrest, McGill claimed he didn’t even know of the robbery and that he left the restaurant after he heard the commotion. Clearly the videos show that he was telling a complete lie.

Needless to say, McGill was suspended from his coaching job immediately. He is now being held in the  Stanislaus County Jail in Modesto

I don’t quite understand how children and families ran out of the pizza parlor when the commotion happened, yet it took an entire week to arrest McGill.

With all of drama among youth football coaches this week, organizations are going to have to start background checks of some sort. I know that I wouldn’t want my children being coached by a convicted criminal.

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