Kevin Harvick's Car Suffers Damage After Being Hit By Sandbag From A Skydiver

By Riley Schmitt

Kevin Harvick has had a really weird year. He has not had that much success on the track but he somehow made the Chase. He did become a dad this year, so that is probably more important than anything on the track. Sunday, Harv suffered damage in the oddest way possible. His car was hit by a skydiver.

I would argue that this is the first time that this happened in the history of the world.  As the guy was coming in, his weight dropped too low and it clipped Harvick’s door.  It did enough damage that he had to go to the garage in order to fix his door.  Just another weird thing that has happened to him this year.

It’s probably not a good sign that this is the first interesting thing that has happened with Harvick on the track this year. His cars have just not been good enough to compete up front.  He made the Chase simply by running between 10th and 15th all year.

I think he will have a better year next year.  The whole team can not struggle like this two years in a row and I expect them to start fast next year.  He will return to Victory Lane and be a threat for the title next year.  Of course, my feeling on that could be totally wrong.

This basically summed up Harv’s year.  If there was a guy who was going to have his car damaged during pre-race ceremonies, it would be him.

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