Terry Bradshaw Makes Extremely Racist Comment About Dolphins RB Reggie Bush

By Riley Schmitt
Chris Morrison-US PRESSWIRE

Terry Bradshaw tries to be funny but he simply struggles at it. Sunday was another example of some bad humor as he ended up making an extremely racist comment about Reggie Bush. As Bush was making defenders miss on the way to the end zone, Bradshaw said that Bush looked like he was chasing a bucket of chicken. Seriously.


I’m sure that Bradshaw is not a racist but that is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard a commentator say.  That is such a charged statement.  There are people that are going to get very upset about that.  You simply can not make a comment like that in today’s age.

I would expect that Bradshaw will apologize for saying that but I have no idea how he came up with it in the first place.  At no time is that acceptable to say about a black athlete.  It is just a racist comment.  There is no way else to explain it.  No way to justify it, which means that Bradshaw should apologize for it.

The other guys laughed about it but I think they had to realize what he ended up saying.  It was just not a good thing for him to say.  It is a throwback to an older time when comments like that were acceptable but I thought we were past that point.  Oh well, I guess.

Maybe TB will get a week off to think about this but that sounds like wishful thinking.  He might be able to write good material if that was the case.

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