The 20 Most Obnoxious Sports Debates

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Brian Spurlock US PRESSWIRE

In my opinion, sports debates can be one of the best things on the planet. I have spent hours with friends and co-workers debating all sorts of topics in the sports world. How does this player match up against this player, what team from era could compete in today’s era, etc., etc. However, there is a downside. Some sports debates have gone on way too long and they only serve to annoy people.

For example, a certain four-letter network seems to squeeze the life out of every single debate. If something pops up, you can bet they will devote way too much coverage to it. Within a week or two, all sensible have grown tired of listening to the same points being rehashed over and over again.

That is why I have compiled a list of 20 of the most annoying sports debates out there right now. Some have lost steam from earlier heights but people will still debate about them until the end of time. Some debates are extremely recent, yet the media and the fans have already played them out.

With this list, I expect some debate to be generated. Some of you will agree with my picks and my feelings about certain debates. Others will think I’m a babbling idiot who should step away from the internet for the rest of time. Both sides of that work for me. No matter what you think about this article, let us know in the comment section.

We love hearing from our readers and fellow sports fanatics. Without any further waste of time, let us get into the list. Some of these may surprise you but all of them will end up annoying you.

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20. NASCAR Drivers As Athletes


For whatever reason, people constantly dismiss NASCAR drivers from the athlete conversation. Just because they drive, it does not mean they are not athletes. If an average person off the streets tried to drive in a race, they would probably turn into a puddle. The work that they put into prepping to drive each week grants them athlete status in my book.

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19. Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning

Brian Spurlock US PRESSWIRE

This was quite popular back in the day, but it never seemed to make sense. Give me the man with the multiple rings and the not so ugly playoff history. Plus, the head to head duels give the edge to Brady. Next please.

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18. Offense Vs. Defense


A lot of people try to say that one side of the ball is more important than the other. However, you can win with a good offense and a bad defense, just like you can win with a bad offense and a good defense. The Green Bay Packers in 2010 weren't real hot on defense, but they brought home a ring. Trent Dilfer quarterbacked a team that won a Super Bowl. Trent Dilfer! It all boils down to preference.

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17. The DH Rule


People love to have things the same. That is why the AL having a designated hitter and the NL still using the pitcher angers people. Personally, I like it this way. It was a fun debate at one time, but I think this dead horse has been beaten one too many times.

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16. Athletes Are Overpaid


If you look at it, athletes are overpaid. However, there is a market for them. If they didn't get a bad contract from one team, chances are some other team would have paid them. No need to take shots at the athlete over a contract. Do you want him to say he's being overpaid?

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15. The WWE Is "Fake"


The WWE might be one of the more demanding jobs in the athletic world. These guys are on the road almost 300 days a year and performing through all sorts of injuries. If the wrestling was "fake", these guys would not get hurt. It is scripted but the falls are real. Move on people.

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14. BCS Vs. Playoffs

Derick E. Hingle US PRESSWIRE

This used to be a huge issue, but the playoffs are coming in 2014. That means the debate has been settled. Playoffs > BCS.

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13. Defensive Penalties In The NFL

Charles LeClaire US PRESSWIRE

I applaud the NFL for implementing safety measures. However, some of the stuff has gone way too far against the defense. The debate still rages about how safe the sport can be, but these are guys running full speed at each other. There's only so much you can do, but people still love to argue about it.

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12. Kentucky Vs. A NBA Team

Marvin Gentry US PRESSWIRE

Was Kentucky a good basketball team last year? Yes, they were. Would they beat a NBA team? No, they would get blown out. Thanks for playing.

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11. Personal Lives Of Athletes Matter

Brian Spurlock US PRESSWIRE

I think that athletes should have their personal matters left out of debates about their feats. However, some people think everything goes when it comes to athletes. Just let the guys do their thing and live their lives. Just because Tiger Woods might be a less than reputable person, it does not take away from his skills. Stop stressing over it.

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10. Notre Dame Is "Irrelevant"


Considering Notre Dame pulls some of the highest ratings in college football, I think the debate about them being irrelevant is dead. However, some people still try to play that card. That means the rest of us groan at the stupidity of the argument.

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9. The NBA Age Limit


Restricting players from playing in the NBA until one year after they graduate high school is just so dumb. Let the kids jump to the league if they want. People say the one year in school helps them, but show me something to back that up and I'll believe you. Until then, let's get the high schoolers back.

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8. Running Quarterbacks Can't Win The Big One


A lot of people love to hammer so-called "running quarterbacks." They say you can not win with a guy. However, there have been plenty of Super Bowl champion QBs that run more than you think. Steve Young could run. Aaron Rodgers runs more than you think. Michael Vick may not have won a title yet, but that doesn't mean running QBs don't have a place in the league.

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7. Alabama Vs. A NFL Team

John David Mercer US PRESSWIRE

Vegas would have Alabama as 24 point underdog to the worst NFL team. Considering the money is even on both sides, I would think that line is about right. Sorry Bama and overactive college football fans.

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6. LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan

Steve Mitchell US PRESSWIRE

LeBron James is going to go down in history as one of the best players ever. Michael Jordan will probably always be known as the best over. The two don't have games that are worth comparing. Let LBJ be himself and stop with the comparisons.

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5. The Tim Tebow Debate


Tim Tebow would probably make a very good tight end or fullback. A quarterback, he is not. People still love to debate the issue when most people have heard enough of about Tebow to last three lifetimes.

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4. PEDs In Sports


I personally have no issue with players using PEDs. People still use them, even if they are banned. That being said, fans still are uneasy about players using. When players get caught, they get raked over the coals. I say let the players use and end the debate once and for all.

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3. The Legacy Of Lance Armstrong

Presse Sports US PRESSWIRE

Lance Armstrong may have been one of the biggest dopers in sports history but he did a lot for cancer awareness. A constant debate about this does not change any of the facts. I think we've spent enough debate on how he's going to go down. Let him live his life.

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2. SABR Vs. Old School


Baseball has one of the best cases for the new school SABR crowd and the old crowd this season. The SABR group is championing Mike Trout for MVP based on his amazing WAR numbers. The old guard wants Miguel Cabrera as the winner, thanks to the Triple Crown.

The debate keeps raging, but you can't simply pick one side over the other. Sometimes, the eye test will still matter. Other times, SABR stats can help fill in gaps about a player that looks grand with the old stats. It's a circular debate and a lot of people are sick of hearing about it.

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1. The Bountygate Scandal

The Star Ledger US PRESSWIRE

If I could go the rest of my life without hearing about Bountygate, I would be a happy man. Intentionally trying to take players out is never a good thing, but I think we have heard enough about it. The players are still fighting the league and neither side will give an inch. Both sides have good evidence so the debate keeps raging. Meanwhile, everyone else is sick and tired of it.

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