Volleyball Dad Threatens to Kill Coach and Rape His Family

By Renae Juska
Chicago Tribune

Sometimes parents take high school sports just a little too seriously. It’s one thing when they yell at the referee for making a bad call but it’s a whole different story when a parent ends up threatening to rape and kill the coach’s family members.

This absurd incident occurred last week at Lisle High School in Illinois; John J. Kasik was a father that took his daughter’s volleyball game to a whole new level. After his daughter was benched during a regional match and the team lost, Kasik went on a not-so-typical rampage.

He began by following athletic director Dan Dillard home and started shouting about the game. Dillard said they could discuss the matter at school the following day.

Instead of doing what he was told, Kasik left numerous voicemails throughout the night, threatening to rape the coach’s wife and daughter and then kill him. That punishment sounds quite ludicrous to me.

When Kasik showed up at the school the next day, the conversation went hostile and Kasik turned physical, attempting to block Dillard from leaving the office.

Now Kasik has been charged with felony telephone harassment, battery and disorderly conduct due to his actions. He could serve up to 3 years in prison if convicted as a felony rather than a misdemeanor.

I find this quite a shame when parents take their kids’ sports too far. They’re in high school; let them have some fun and don’t ruin the rest their season because of your stupid actions

As if his daughter wasn’t upset enough, Kasik probably made his daughter 100 times more embarrassed by threatening to rape and kill people.

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