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The Top 10 Best NFL Personalities

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The Top 10 Best NFL Personalities


Each Sunday morning during the football season, NFL fans get up to go watch their favorite NFL pregame show. Whether it’s the NFL Network, ESPN, FOX or CBS, there is plenty to choose from. Then during the games and following all the action on Sunday night, you have plenty of people to turn to for the best information. A few weeks ago I took a look at the worst NFL personalities in the business and today I will look at the good the ones as I tell you who the top 10 best NFL personalities are. These are the guys who I love to listen to and you should too, they are truly the best the NFL has to offer.

Most of the guys on this list probably won’t surprise you but they do the best job in the NFL. They are on different networks but they all of them stand out to me as the best NFL personalities, whether it’s their announcing or their work as in studio analysts, they are the top guys to listen to.

The guys on the list makeup the top 10 best personalities in the NFL today and based on some of your posts on twitter, you will agree with a bunch of them. However, as always, your opinions will not match mine so I invite all of you to discuss who you think should or shouldn’t have made this list. So let the debate begin on the top 10 best NFL personalities.

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Jon Gruden is 10


Jon Gruden is number 10 on the list. If you’re asking yourself how can this be when you had him on the ‘worst’ list? Well this is an election year and is seem appropriate to do a bit of flip-flopping. As I mentioned last time, what I love about Gruden is that he does a great job of bringing a great amount of enthusiasm to the ESPN broadcast. His knowledge of the game and film study is obvious and you can really learn a lot about the game by listening to him. If he could just temper his love for everyone that plays, he would never have made the ‘worst’ list. There is a lot to like about Gruden and the job he does.

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Jay Glazer is 9

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Coming in at number 9 is a guy who reports on the NFL for FOX Sports and he also works out with some players in the off-season, Jay Glazer. Glazer is more than just a reporter, he’s got personality and I like the energy he brings. Too many insiders have no personality and Glazer brings that and more with his work for FOX. I also like the fact that he’s well-liked by the players, for some reason, that means something to me.

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Brian Baldinger is 8 for NFL Network


Brian Baldinger comes in at number 8 because of the great work he does on the NFL Network. Playbook is a great show and I look forward to his breakdowns of the games every week. There is very little bull in what Baldinger says and he knows the game. I really like his mind for the game and that’s why Brian Baldinger comes in at number 8.

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Mike Tirico is 7

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ESPN’s Mike Tirico is number 7 on this list because he is one of the better announcers in the business. He’s well versed in the game and adds insight as well as calling the action. Tirico also keeps Jon Gruden from getting too far off topic and brings a good sense of humor to his position. I really like Mike Tirico.

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Ron "Jaws" Jaworski is 6


Another ESPN analyst comes in at number 6, Ron “Jaws” Jaworski. Jaws’ work as a commentator and his film analysis is always right on the money. If you want the breakdowns of what your team does and how their opponent is going to play against them, Jaworski is someone to pay attention to. His film work in first rate and I love what Jaws brings to ESPN.

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Brad Nessler for NFL Network is 5


The NFL Network finally hit the nail on the head when they hired this year’s broadcasters for Thursday Night Football, I loved the selection of Brad Nessler. Nessler comes in at 5 and is as good as it gets in the broadcasting game. He’s got the knowledge and brings a smooth call for the game on the NFL Network.

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Trent Dilfer is 4


Number 4 is Trent Dilfer and I really like what he brings to ESPN because he is so much more about information than he is about fluff and controversy on a network that thrives off of that. Dilfer has a great mind for the game and his passion for football is something that draws me in. He does a great deal of film work and as a former quarterback; he brings a smart view to his NFL analysis. His breakdowns are interesting and informative, something I look for in an analyst. Dilfer is one of the best there is.

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Merril Hoge for ESPN is 3


Merril Hoge comes in at number 3 and for all the swings and misses ESPN has, they got it right for a select few and Hoge tops the list. His work in the film room is great and his opinions are always backed up by quality information. He’s got a very good mind for the game, puts in the work and is edgy without being a jerk. There are very few analysts better in the NFL right now than Merril Hoge.

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Al Michaels is 2

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Number 2 is Al Michaels. Michaels is perhaps the best announcer in the history of sports and I love his work for NFL on Sunday Night Football. He’s informative, smart and brings a great delivery for the game. I just wish he wasn’t paired with Cris Collinsworth because he formed a great tandem with John Madden but those are the breaks. There is no better announcer than Al Michaels right now; he calls the best game in the NFL.

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Mike Mayock is the best!


The top spot is occupied by Mike Mayock. There really isn’t a question about it, Mayock’s work with the draft and as an analyst for the NFL Network is the best in the business. His film work and breakdowns are always spot on and I don’t take anyone’s word on the NFL any more seriously than I take Mayock’s. He puts in the work, he’s smart and he’s right on the money. Mike Mayock is the best NFL personality there is.