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15 Entertaining Photos from the NFL, NBA, and more (November 2-6)

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15 Spectacular Photos from the World of Sports (November 2-6)


While the month of November may not have quite the reputation of October, it's still a great month in the world sports. The NFL is now officially into the second half of its season, and NCAA football is in full swing. Division and conference favorites have been fully established at this point, while some teams hang by a thread.

In addition to the mass amount of football on television in November, fans of basketball get their game back too. The NBA has opened up it's season, and people are already overreacting around the league. I don't know why teams are so highly criticized in the NBA for slow starts? The league is back to it's normal 82-game schedule, so rushing to judgments this early in the season is just foolish.

While I think the majority of good teams make the playoffs in the NBA, I will say that home court advantage is a big deal, so teams don't want to get to far behind. But at the one week mark, we're very far from that point.

College Basketball also kicks off in November, bringing with it enthusiasm that's unmatched at times by the NBA. I like college basketball, but it lacks the entertainment of the association provides, and certainly not in the effort department. To me it boils down to talent on floor, and at all times, the NBA is king there.

Without question though, college basketball has the best postseason. March Madness is unlike anything else in American sports, with tons of unpredictability from start to finish...

To acknowledge the start of this great month, I've put together some of the more eye-catching photos from around the sports world for your entertainment:

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What Just Happened?


This is just an odd photo from an NBA game, where I'm really not quite sure what happened. I can't figure out why there are players stumbling around, and players staring at the ball. My best guess is that it was a long rebound that kicked out.

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I Don't Think They're Hoisting Him...


Robert Griffin III has won a lot of fans this year, but not that's certainly not the case here, even though the picture makes you do a double-take. RG3's fast start has slowed a bit this season, but he's no doubt still a strong candidate for rookie of the year.

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Donnie Avery Getting Fish-Hooked by Sean Smith


This just looks extremely painful. Avery's head is getting pulled back at odd angle, but yet he's able to hold on and make the catch. This is a horse collar penalty on the helmet.

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Lebron Just Hangin' Out


Lebron James just looks comfortable as all get out hanging on the rim here. It seems like James gets about four breakaway dunks a game like this one, where he just puts on a show for the crowd. Love or hate Lebron, the guy can throw it down. I wish he would just finally enter the Dunk Contest.

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Rantavious Wooten is Going Down, but Looks to Be Okay With It


Wooten is in the process of getting flat-backed here, but yet he almost has a smile on his face. I think he's actually grimacing, and the photo was taken at the right time to lock in on this unique face. He certainly wasn't smiling once he hit the ground...

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The Best Thing a Kansas Football Player Has Done This Season


It's been a forgettable season in Lawrence, but at least the Jayhawks were able to get a lick in on the Baylor quarterback here. It looks like he ended up scoring regardless, but that look on his face is amazing.

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Pyrotechnics = Points in My Book


I'm not a big fan of the NASCAR, but Jimmie Johnson is doing it up right with this celebration at the Texas Motor Speedway. I don't care who ya are, pyrotechnics make any event better.

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I thought Rey Mysterio was a Chargers Fan?


These fanatics are doing it up right with Rey Mysterio-lucha libre type masks. Even though they look ridiculous, you have to admit it would be warm. I'm impressed though, with the matching gloves and hand signals, these guys aren't messing around.

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Also What Eric Decker Fantasy Owners did Sunday


Drafting this guy for your Fantasy team was definitely a good call. Decker has now scored a touchdown in the last five games he's played, and appears to be Peyton Manning's favorite red zone target. Did I mention I drafted him?

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In the Words of Peter Griffin - "Come on...come on..."


Who doesn't love some southern gals from Tennessee? It's not easy trying to look seductive to tens of thousands of people at once, but they're not doing too bad. Lovin' No. 84 photo-bombing in the background too.

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Greg Monroe Caught With a Sweet Look on his Face


Monroe looks to be yelling, and scaring three Denver Nuggets in the process. I'm thinking he got hacked on the arm, but jeez. it's not that bad Greg.

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Have You Seen My Basketball?


Gordon Hayward got this photo snapped at the wrong time. It looks like he came up with the loose ball, and somehow scared Zach Randolph in the process. Good job, I guess...

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Gosh Darn It!!


Sam Montgomery is actually jumping for joy here, but I think the picture is much more comical if you imagine that he's upset. Either way the big fella's got a pretty good vertical.

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Draw Your Own Conclusions from This One


Ray Allen just looks silly here. He's either just shot, or is waving at someone? I'm not sure to tell you the truth. I like Allen, but he deserves a little crap for joining the dark side in Miami.

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Blake Griffin Getting Kicked and Farted On?


Just a real, real odd picture. Griffin has a dumb look on his face for starters, then he's getting almost kicked in the head and potentially farted on by who I would guess to be Pau Gasol. Everyone in the background looks as perplexed as anyone studying this picture.