Dirk Nowitzki Hilariously Sings Born In The USA

By Riley Schmitt

Dirk Nowitzki is injured right now, so the Dallas Mavericks star has plenty of time to do other things. Apparently he enjoys singing and thanks to this video, we have proof that Dirk needs to work on his singing voice.


That might be the most brutal, yet awesome thing I have ever heard.  It is basically Dirk screaming into a mic for about 35 seconds.  The song is the classic “Born in the USA” by Bruce Springsteen.  You know the song that everyone confuses for being a pro-America song when it really isn’t.  However, that is a different discussion for a totally different day.

Back to Dirk and his singing.  I applaud the big man for giving it his best shot, but he should stick to basketball.  Then again, maybe he is using his downtime to improve on his singing.  I mean, stuff like this is hilarious but it is a little hard on the eardrums.  Maybe drop the volume a little bit and it would be an instant classic.

This certainly needs to become a web series.  I would certainly take time out of my day to listen to Nowitzki sing some of the all time classic songs.  It might not be pretty but it would certainly be funny.  That sums up the purpose of the Internet.  If you can not laugh at it, you are in the wrong place.

If we can spin this into a Dirk and Mark Cuban duet, I think it would set records on the chart.  Trust me, that has big hit all over it.

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