Must-See: Samantha Gordon's Highlight Tape is Legendary

By Paul Bentley
Photo Courtesy of Brent Gordon

Don’t tell nine-year-old Samantha Gordon that football is a sport for boys only.  This little girl has been running all over a Salt Lake City area pee-wee football league on her way to becoming a viral sensation after her dad compiled a highlight reel for the young star running-back.

Before we get to the video that has millions of people raving across the country, you have to check out these stats.  The girl who weighs 60 pounds soaking wet, totaled just under 2000 yards rushing as well as 25 touchdowns.

Take a look at the young star making boys look silly, weak, and slow.

I was in shock when I saw this highlight tape.  Sure this girl has breakaway speed, but she also has real running-back and football skills.  She even switches the rock to her outside hand when she is running down the sidelines to avoid fumbles!  Are you kidding me!?

In comparison to the other players on this tape, she has Chris Johnson speed, Reggie Bush cutting ability, and Adrian Peterson strength to gain yards after contact. Oh yea, 65 tackles on the season, making her a two-way player!

Although I am thoroughly impressed with this highlight tape, I do wonder where the future will lead for Samantha Gordon’s football career.

It is very doubtful that her body will be able to take punishment in a high school varsity league.  Can her skills alone make up for the size disadvantage she will have at further levels of football down the line?

Regardless, this highlight tape will live on forever.  She is already a legend in my books.  Keep pounding the rock Samantha Gordon.


Paul Bentley is a contributor to Rant Sports.  Follow Bentley on Twitter at @KKingBentley and read more of his work right here!

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