50 Cent Says He Would Fight Floyd Mayweather for $5 Million

By Bryan Lutz

The “feud” between 2002’s greatest rapper, 50 Cent, and everyone’s favorite sports gambler, Floyd Mayweather, continues to escalate. This time around, 50 Cent says he would actually fight Floyd for a cool $5 million.

The whole tiff between the two started about a month ago when 50’s shady business tactics were exposed by Robert Littral from BlackSportsOnline.com. Essentially, 50 went behind’s Floyd’s back when he was in the slammer. Anywho, 50 Cent dropped this tweet in regards to a potential Curtis Jackson/Floyd Mayweather brew ha-ha.

For the love of everything, make this happen somebody! I would love to watch this “fight”. Heck, it might be one of the most interesting fights boxing has had in quite sometime. The only conceivable way 50 Cent would have a chance is if the Bradley/Pacquiao judges were ringside, or if Floyd had one hand or leg tied behind his back.

Just because 50 has his own boxing company, he thinks he can just step into the ring and take down one of the best boxers ever? Okay then. If I were 50, I would hit the streets of Baltimore and find the great Dennis “Cutty” Wise to train him. That is the only way I can see 50 lasting more than 25 seconds with Floyd.

Although 50 threw down the challenge, I still think this is all publicity for the two of them. It all just seems to fishy in my eyes.

Regardless, I hope they both keep running their mouths 140 characters at a time. It makes for some interesting drama.

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