Huntingdon Golf Coach Goes on Profane Rant

By Renae Juska



It is well known that coaches love to go on a good rant. Normally you see this happen during action-based sports such as basketball or football. However this week, an epic rant came from a golf coach.

This was not even a Division I golf coach, rather a Division III golf coach from Huntingdon College in Alabama.

There is no video to the rage, but a player managed to record the coach’s post-tournament talk. Skip to the 1:55 mark in the audio and you’ll be able to hear one of the most ridiculous golf rants in history. (Warning: there is a lot of profanity)

As you can tell by the amount of profanity in the recording, golf coach Matt Mahanic basically went insane. I was going to attempt to count how many F-bombs he threw out, but it’s not worth it; the coach’s rant was down-right ridiculous.

The tirade came after a trip to the Gordin Classic, where the team placed 11th out of 12 teams. So yes, he had a reason to be mad, but he took it a little too extreme.

Mahanic had served as head coach of the men’s golf program since 2007 and got promoted to be the director of the men’s and women’s golf programs in 2012.

Allegedly, this wasn’t the first outburst that Mahanic had on the team. This makes complete sense considering someone recorded the audio. Clearly, someone knew what to expect the coach to say after a horrible loss.

Clearly, Mahanic was fired after his rampage. Not only did the school disapprove, but so did the NCAA according to bylaws on sportsmanship.

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