Top-15 Notorious Athlete Divorces

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Top 15 Athlete Divorces in History

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The recent divorce of Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and Evelyn Lozada was an exceptionally eventful process considering their marriage only lasted 41 days. Johnson allegedly head-butted Lozada and she was hospitalized; he was charged with domestic violence.

The next day, the Miami Dolphins terminated Johnson’s contract and in attempt to get Lozada back, he tattooed her face on his calf. Johnson refused to cooperate with the divorce and it took him over a month to take his papers down to the courthouse.

This is just one example of a crazy athlete divorce. It probably deserves a spot in the top 15 but that will be decided after the two make a final settlement, which could take years at this rate.

Some of the celebrity athlete divorces involve cheating, a few involve drugs, and of course there are the spouses that are just looking to gain a large amount of money. A few even involve a mix of many reasons.

Athletes seem to get divorced fairly quickly these days, but others have lasted 20+ years and still manage to end up in nasty settlement issues. Or take a look at Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, they called off their divorce. You just never know what to expect with athletes and marriage.

Since athletes are in the media all the time, controversies arise with almost every divorce. Between cheating, lies, and rumors, it’s hard to tell what the actual story is behind celebrity divorces.

These stories blow up into even bigger issues when both spouses are celebrities. Ironically, they also seem to have the shortest marriages.

This top-15 list will give an insight to the most controversial, most expensive, and most outrageous divorces in history.

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15. Shaquille O'Neal and Shaunie Nelson (2009)

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Shaunie now receives $10,000/month in alimony and $10,000/month in child support. She seemed to walk away with quite the deal and probably won’t work another day in her life. This was by far the calmest divorce on the list but still expensive for Shaq in the end.

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14. Tony Parker and Eva Longoria (2010)

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Their marriage lasted a decent 3 years until some personal rumors came around. Longoria claimed Parker was texting another woman, Erin Barry, who was married to one of his teammates.

Supposedly Barry was Parker’s mistress but nobody really knows the truth. Both couples divorced due to madness of the allegations and incompatibility.

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13. Jeff Gordon and Brooke Sealey (2002)


Sealey made out well on her deal after their divorce. She received $9 million in settlement, an undisclosed amount in alimony, 2 cars, and periodic use of their boats and planes.

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12. Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian (2012)

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This marriage was just ridiculous. Their wedding was in August of 2011 and cost $10 million. Only 72 days later, Kardashian filed for divorce claiming irreconcilable differences.

Lucky for both of them, the couple had a prenuptial agreement so neither of them faced a financial burden. Either way, it was quite the waste of $10 million dollars.

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11. Greg Norman and Laura Andrassy (2007)

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With the longest marriage on the list, golfer Greg Norman and Andrassy were married for 25 years. The discrepancies between the two began when he allegedly started an affair with tennis player Chris Evert.

Norman petitioned that Andrassy violated their pre-existing confidentiality agreement but failed to win. Andrassy was ultimately awarded a lump sum of $107 million. Ironically, Norman married Evert the following year.

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10. Mike Tyson ad Robin Givens (1988)


Their marriage lasted a whopping 8 months after Givens stated Tyson was violent and physically abusive. She received a $10 million dollar settlement.

The controversy continued when Tyson wanted the marriage annulled, claiming that Givens faked a pregnancy to trap him into marriage.

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9. Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe (1954)


In 1952 DiMaggio had just retired from baseball and Monroe’s career was heading high when they took their first date. They married in January of 1954 and were divorced within 274 days.

DiMaggio got a case jealousy after Monroe shot her most famous scene: standing above the subway grate with wind blowing up her skirt.

He allegedly beat Monroe because everyone else was seeing her beauty. She claimed mental cruelty from DiMaggio on the divorce papers.

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8. Hulk Hogan and and Linda Bollea (2008)

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Their marriage lasted 24 years, but details of their pricey divorce weren’t released until 2011 when the settlement became final. Hogan owed a lot of revenue from his various companies and found himself in a jam.

Bollea received 70% of the couple’s liquid assets (around $8.8 million), as well as 40% ownership in Hogan’s companies and $3 million in property settlement. She also walked away with a Mercedes Benz, Cadillac Escalade, Corvette, and Rolls-Royce.

Within the last few weeks, Hogan has had some sex tapes leak and allegedly Bollea may be featured in one, although she claims that the two never did such a thing.

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7. John Daly and 3 Divorces

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It was too hard to choose just one, so why not add them all? His first marriage was to Dale Crafton in 1987, followed by divorce in 1990.

Next, he went on the marry Bettye Fulford in 1992 and was then charged with 3rd degree assault for throwing her into a wall. They realized they had even more personal problems and divorced immediately.

On to round 3, he married Paulette Dean and they lasted a whopping 4 years; there is no clear explanation to their divorce.

The 4th and (so far) final marriage for Daly was to Sherrie Miller in 2001. He claimed Miller attacked him with a steak knife. Then Miller pleaded guilty to federal drug charges and prison time. They divorced in 2006 after she served time in prison.

Most of the issues that Daly had rose from his addictions to gambling, alcoholism and some cocaine abuse.

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6. Alex Rodriguez and Cynthia Scurtis (2008)

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Right after Rodriguez signed a deal with the Yankees for $275 million over 10 years, he was seen with an exotic dancer. A year later, he was pictured with Madonna and Scurtis filed for divorce immediately.

Scurtis walked away with their $12 million home among many other necessities. Since then, multiple strippers and prostitutes have admitted to relations with Rodriguez.

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5. Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy (2006)

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Still the most expensive celebrity divorce to date; Vanoy received over $150 million dollars in settlement money when the divorce was final in 2006.

Two years into their marriage, allegedly his mistress was receiving $250K/year to keep quiet. Since the divorce, Jordan has been seen with a few younger women, leading to even more suspicion. Jordan wasn’t quite the person we all thought he was

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4. Jason Kidd and Joumana Samaha (2007)

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Kidd claimed “extreme cruelty” from Samaha throughout their 10-year marriage on their divorce papers. It seems to be one of the more controversial athlete divorces that has occurred.

Samaha allegedly physically and mentally abused Kidd, as well as installed tacking devices in his car, and on his computer. This was just the beginning to the bizarre allegations that occurred between the two.

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3. Tiki Barber and Ginny Cha (2009)

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Barber betrayed Cha in 2008 by having an affair with a 21-year-old college student. In 2009 he admitted to Cha that he was cheating on her.

Barber and Cha already had 2 children, and she was pregnant with twins at the time. Barber divorced his 8-month pregnant wife then turned around and married his mistress 8 days later.

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2. Chuck Finley and Tawny Kitaen (2002)

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This was the famous case where Kitaen beat Finley with a stiletto heal and was charged with domestic violence. Then he reported his wife was a heavy drug user and not in condition to take care of their children, so she was sent to rehab for 1 month.

In retaliation, Kitaen ratted Finley out for using steroid drugs and bragging about how the MLB didn’t find out. Then she reported that he had heavy marijuana and alcohol abuse. /p>

Since the divorce, Kitaen has had numerous run-ins with the law regarding drugs and driving under the influence. She also attempted to sue him for a $12 million lawsuit claiming that he broke a promise to financially support her but the 10-year-old case is still pending.

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1. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren (2010)


Nothing gets better than the Tiger Woods scandal. Not only was it controversial, it was also very expensive.

Nordegren had found texts to other women on Tiger’s phone and then his mistresses began to speak out. Tiger appeared to have a few different women in his life in addition to his wife.

Elin received $100 million dollars in this settlement and signed a confidentiality clause that stated no books or interviews about Tiger’s affairs.